Third WoW Expansion Playable Race Hints?

Blizzard Community Managers and forum representatives have increased their subliminal messages through either forum posts or forum signatures. Are they so dying to let fans know what the next expansion is about that they are filtering info in a way fans can fathom it through conspiracy theories until they nail it? gathers a few of the latest hints, and one phrase from Tom Chilton about playable races the developers have thought of through the years.

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Medievaldragon3121d ago

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Leord3121d ago

Love rumours :)

Especially WoW-related ones, as the wow fans get so irate :D

Maticus3121d ago

As rumours go, this is pretty good stuff. All seems likely IMO.

Maticus3121d ago

Playable dragons pleeeeease!!!

Malfurion3121d ago

Lol, yeah you could start as a whelp and get bigger forms available as you grow levels ;)

Fyzzu3121d ago

That's actually an interesting thought. While I doubt you'd ever see, say, a dragon <class>, if you made it so that the race could only be one class and tied the new powers into the growth of the dragon, with the talents providing different varieties...

Not that it'll ever happen, but it's another "twist" on generic classes.

Dorjan3121d ago

I've not seen the open zone before! Zoik!

Chazmers3121d ago

hmm different races would be huge, but some sort of announcement needs to be given rather than trying to post snippets for people to speculate

Malfurion3121d ago

Not long to wait my lad, BlizzCon is next month!

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