Blu-ray proving easy to damage

Cracks appearing...

People using the video renting outfit Netflix are starting to complain that Blu-Ray disks are not as rugged as many people think. Punters have been reporting brand new Blu-Ray releases from Netflix have been arriving with a 1-3mm crack through the hardcoat part along the outer edge that makes the disc unplayable.

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spaceNerd3273d ago

They are hard to scratch. So if your not an idiot, you dont have to worry about them snapping as easy as DVD's. Morons.

bujasem_893273d ago

about that i mean maybe the shipping got rough but i have a SH*T load of blurays some ordered and some from stores and they are all fine i dont know to me this hole article sounds a little fishy

evilmonkey5013272d ago

disc can break! wow who would've thought? even bluray is not safe! I'll tell you this though, its a hell of a lot harder to break a bluray than a dvd or a cd. dumbarse writer thinks this is going to slow down bluray? lol look what it did for dvd and cd! quite the opposite.

Syronicus3273d ago

The article is written using no source material. After checking NetFlix, I saw nothing of the sort even mentioned int he problem report section. Sorry, but it looks like FUDzilla is living up to their name... Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt need not apply here.

I call shens on this article.

randomwiz3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

My personal experiences. I have atleast 20x more dvd's than bluray discs, so my info isn't accurate(i've had a handful of "bad" dvd's, and nothing yet with bluray). I'm sure as I get more bluray discs, I'll get more problems.

Blu-ray discs have a hard coating technology. This makes them sturdier than DVD's. TDK first came out with this technology, then other companies soon followed with their own.

So its not a problem with bluray discs, but just netflix, or the shipping company that they use. Also, Steve Swasey(VP of corporate communication for netflix) says "Our percentage of Blu-ray disks that members receive that are not playable is a fraction of a percent"

@Mr Bun below
yea... the alternate sources help.

RememberThe3573273d ago

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Thanks guys...

Mr_Bun3273d ago

I didn't believe this article either, but since Nineball has added other sources, it looks like less of a conspiracy.

William Wallace3273d ago

Another crappy article. So who's complaining about cracks. I've been renting blu-rays for years and they always arrive looking new. I have never seen a scratched BR. While DVD get scratched sitting in their cases.

leyego3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

cracks? i don't think so unless people don't no how to snap the disc into place.

if they said scratches it would have been somewhat believable.
i once rented sid meier's civilization revolution for the ps3 from blockbuster and it had a few scratches on it. granted it wasn't enough to make the disc unreadable but they were still there. id have to say its the way people treat the blu-ray discs.

i have around 20 blu-ray movies and about another 14 ps3 games none of which have a single scratch on them. it all depends if u care enough to protect your investment or not.

Downtown boogey3273d ago

Actually, to me the thing has proven to be quite the contrary!

BulletToothtony3273d ago

90% of my cd's and dvds have small cracks and are easily scratched...

my Resistance FoM bluray disc that i have had since december 2006 has absolutely not one scratch and i have used the crap out of that game.. many times left on the counter face down and brought in my ps3 case to many of my friends house..

NONE of my 45 blurays (games/movies) are scratched...

It takes a lot to scratch those things.. but i'm sure there's always the idiots who like to experiment to see how much it does take to scratch them.. specially if they don't own the disk.. such as renting them from netflix..

Bluray anti scratch technology is the best one i've ever seen.. so just because people can't get over the fact that bluray is won and it's a great format.. there's no need to keep these non-sense articles...

Nineball21123273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I'm sure that some Blu-rays will crack, especially being sent through the mail in a cardboard sleeve. Lots of ppl don't take care of their own personal property, let alone the property of others.

I don't think this is some big "issue" all of a sudden.

At the end of the day, I'd much rather have a Blu-Ray disk as opposed to a DVD, not only because of the durability of them, but because it's such a better format, imo.

heroicjanitor3273d ago

A few people getting a cracked disc can be blown way out of proportion. Also I bet it is microsoft hiring people to hijack netflix vans and tap the outer coating of blu ray discs with tiny hammers to give the mannoying crack which stops them from working even though the crack is tiny, just to annoy everyone.

Information Minister3273d ago

My COD4 blu-ray disc as taken a lot (and I mean A LOT) of abuse, and it still doesn't have a single scratch. Maybe it's the work of some disgruntled employee who's still sore about HD-DVD?

DFogz3273d ago

Just picturing a team of Microsoft vans hijacking a Netflix truck, and then sitting in the back with tiny hammers hitting Blu-Ray discs cracked me up! Bubbles to you for making my day!

JustinSaneV23273d ago

@ RememberThe357:
You're welcome I guess.

To everyone who has their panties all up in a bunch about no sources then check out the alternate sources RIGHT BELOW the link to the main story. There you go, sources.

ThatCanadianGuy3273d ago


I used my assassins creed disc as a drink coaster on my desk for at least four months.Played it the other day, works great.

Blu-ray for the win.

Anon19743273d ago

I won't go mailing my blu-ray's in an envelope back and forth across the country. Thanks for that tip!

harrisk9543273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

First, there has been no announcements from Netflix about any such issues.

Second, people totally abuse the discs they get from Netflix, whether it is DVDs or Blu-rays (rental stuff always gets more abuse b/c people have no incentive to treat them with even the slightest care), so who knows what people are doing with the discs.

Third, we have heard no other complaints from any other rental places, including Blockbuster.

Fourth, there have been no problems reported with rented or used PS3 games, both of which use blu-ray media.

Fifth, This title is total nonsense... "Blu-ray Proving Easy to Damage"... where is there any proof of this, even if there are some isolated incidents (none of which have yet been substantiated). How do some possible isolated incidents lead to a title about them being easy to damage???

And finally, Blu-rays are LESS susceptible to breaking... THEY ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Motion3273d ago

Its not hard to smash one with a hammer at all, its actually quite easy. We're not talking the hardness of diamonds here...

ultimolu3273d ago

I see the garage filter isn't working again. :|

Of all the bluray movies and games I have, I have never had a cracked disc. I don't know what's the hatred with bluray...I really don't.

gaffyh3273d ago

OMG an anti Blu Ray article in 2009! 2008 called he wants his story back. Lol j/k

but seriously everything will break if you don't treat it with respect. But from personal experience BD is still a LOT more durable than DVD, i have no scratches on any of my Blu-Rays

Rainstorm813273d ago

The title alone will lead any PS3/blu ray owners to avoid this story. Easy to damage??? Compared to CD or DVD this is the strongest disc based medium that we have seen yet. Less than 1 percent damaged blu ray discs from Netflix (of all places) is far from "Blu-ray proving easy to damage".

sunil3273d ago

arent they talking about the fact that it gets damaged in shipping?
if thats the case, pack it well

Sarcasm3273d ago

Blu-Ray is easy to damage. lmao

What's next? If it isn't "HD-DVD is going to win" or "Blu-Ray sales aren't that great" or now "Blu-Ray proving easy to damage."

What? Blu-Ray's disc color is causing cancer?

Wouldn't be surprised.

Sarick3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Blame the customers too. If your player is moved while a disk is spinning at high speeds in some types of players the disc can fall off the spinner.when this happens it slams against the sides of the tray wall at high speed causing a "CRACK" on the edge.

I've had this happen to me while recording media with a player. I highly doubt any disc media can survive this destructive force. In essence the crack is caused by something hitting the edge of the disc and separating the layers.

It could also be some players don't slow the disc enough before releasing it from the spindle causing it to hit the edge of their trays when ejecting the disc. The customer wouldn't always notice this because they're normally finished watching the movies. It might also be a tiny crack that grows as the disc flexes in shipping.

There is also disc rot. Oddly this is one of the weak points of disc media that's existed since the first laser media. Eventually, most media starts to separate as it ages causing the layers to unattached.

4pocalyps33273d ago

hey if blu ray colour is going to cause cancer...the ps3 can always find a cure for it ^_^

meluvulongtime3273d ago

a bunch of blog posts isn't exactly what I'd call proof that this is a major issue especially when there's nothing besides a couple people complaining on the internet. Personally I haven't gotten one unplayable bluray from Netflix yet. I get everything on blu unless it's not available and I go through 12-20 discs a month. With Netflix, like others said, you will end up getting a damaged disc from time to time. Blu rays are not indestructible, but they are definitely durable and more scratch resistant than DVDs.

Shepherd 2143273d ago

if you take care of any kind of disc it wont be damaged, if you cant take care of your discs, even blu-ray, its your own fault, not the disc itself.

mrfastback3273d ago

maybe they meant HD DVD, i have 40+ BR movies and 25 games all look like the day i bought them, brand new . Sony knew this was the future, remember MS didn't want BR said it didn't matter , i could go on ect. but i won't . you get were i'm going.

GameGambits3273d ago

This article is 100% BS! Also, the PS3 is dying. On top of that, the PS3 has no games!

Oh wait that's all BS!

Keep drinkin that haterade haters. Your tears taste so good. :D

Xbox Avatars Shoe3272d ago

I leave my Blu-Ray games out 24/7 and drop them all the time, yet NO scratches. Sadly, it seems that my 360 DVDs get scratched from just the air :/

IdleLeeSiuLung3272d ago

In my opinion the blu-ray coating is one of the best features of blu-ray. I never have to fear that the disc will get scratched, because the darn thing is so though. I even tried to scratch my own disc with a key and well it didn't!!!

Now what this article is saying is that blu-ray disc are more likely to crack, which isn't impossible and has less to do with the coating. Perhaps the disc is much less malleable and therefore cracks more easily than DVD.

Because the article doesn't have a source doesn't mean it doesn't happen, likewise a source doesn't mean it does happen either. People misrepresent information all the time.

For the record, gamefly ships their disc in hard protective cardboard sleeves.

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Mr_Bun3273d ago

This is why I don't believe this article:

randomwiz3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i dont know why anyone would disagree with you.

TDK was the first to use a hard coating technology which makes them sturdier than dvd's. Soon, Sony, Pioneer, Verbatim soon followed with their own proprietary technology.

Dlacy13g3273d ago

Quoting the Press release of a disc maker is hardly proof there is no problem. If we are to believe all press releases then there actually is no RROD issue with the 360 cause MS's press releases 3 years back said so.

Perkel3273d ago

we don't need proof from specialists.,. I have Motorstorm from relase date and no sratch even tinest detected as rest of my bd film&games collection.

JustinSaneV23273d ago

There's a HUGE difference between someone who owns their Blu-Rays and takes exquisite care of them compared to someone who rents Blu-Rays from Netflix and could give a rat's arse what happens to the disc.

cheapndirty3273d ago

More proof that the following is true:

HD DVD was better

DVD is better

PS3 will die now

Digital downloads are the future

Coke is better than pepsi

My dad can beat up your dad

(all sarcasm)

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Myst3273d ago

Well things are always susceptible to damage especially when being provided through a carrier, working in retail has taught me that. As no matter how much time you may invest in packaging some things their will always be a chance for it to break.

Image below shows what someone reported as what the crack looks like (up close - not 100% related to the article, but related in terms of scratching nonetheless)

I don't know could this be due to something the manufactures or shippers are doing themselves? So far I haven't had anything happen to my blu ray discs (especially warhawk) which I've had for over a year. So I have no clue as to this one. Though thinking maybe a wearhouse problem.

Mr_Bun3273d ago

No one is claiming that Blu-ray is impervious to damage, but to believe that a media proven to be better protected than DVD is "easy" to damage, is insulting.

There is no way that Blu-ray discs are more prone to damage than DVDs using the same transportation method.

Myst3273d ago

Yes, I know but the first few sentences I was writing was to merely say that it can be damaged though it would take more effort. I was also thinking that it may have been done at the warehouse or wherever it is and perhaps on purpose as TheKonspiracy stated below.

Mr_Bun3273d ago

After checking out the alternative sources, this is starting to look legit.

Bgibbs3273d ago

If that image shows how they are coming back to netflix, maybe netflix should invest in better envelopes instead of paper.

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theonlylolking3273d ago

Try telling that to my so far uncratshed discs that had been used more than a movie will be played. Bu-ray discs are not indestrucible.