Blood Bowl Dated For UK

IncGamers reports that Blood Bowl will be hitting UK store shelves in September.

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Leord3215d ago

Hehe, this is one game I will definitely buy :)

christian hour3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Really? This isn't out in the UK yet? I never really played any of the 40k pc games, well last time I did it was a 40k turn based game where you played space marines against chaos. Can't remember the name, was a looong time ago :P

But I would've imagined it would have come out in the UK around the same time, seeing as how GW and Warhammer is a UK thing. How odd. Either way I know a few friends who will be happy with this news.

edit: I have an Ork army :P So if I got this game I'd probably play as them ;)