Clive Barker's Jericho Preview.

Famed gore and horror writer Clive Barker has come up with plenty of twisted plots in his time and the storyline for Jericho is classic Barker stuff.

Codemasters showed off the Xbox 360 version of its stunning-looking horror game at its recent Code 07 event, where CVG got its hands all bloody killing some, er... nasty creatures.

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gamekiller4262d ago

Clive barker is one twisted mofo, hellraiser films are sick but good. This game is going to need 18 cert. Looks great.

r10004262d ago

Holy crap... this is another "FIRST PERSON SHOOTER" [email protected]#$%$^ GOOD LORD...

Black Republican4262d ago

holy moly did you have to school and get a major in "observing" to figure that out???

and what are you complaining about???

That the Ps3 best game right now is a FPS (R:FOM) or that x360 has alot of fps games???

r10004261d ago

I'm complaining because there are about 3 dozens fps out there already... same crap over and over again... Dev's are taking the easy way out cuz people ( people like you sounds like) continue buy them....

techie4261d ago

this one looks pretty original to me...trailer looks good.

Skizelli4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

@r1000: Who cares? You don't have to play them. There's plenty of other genres for you to indulge in. I noticed you have to comment on any news about a FPS just to spew your opinion. Why bother? Just because you don't like the genre doesn't mean it's garbage. The FPS genre has made leaps and bounds over the years. You obviously haven't played FEAR or STALKER. And have you know that it's the FPS genre, the genre you hate so much, that's pushed hardware to where it is now. That's right, all the pretty graphics you're used to have mostly the FPS genre to thank. And it looks like it's about to do it again with Crysis. Might I also add that many games use FPS engines. FPS games do more for the video game industry than you'd like to believe. So quit whining about it.