Harmonix: music games could abandon consoles

It sometimes seems as if a new music rhythm game is released every five minutes, but Harmonix honcho Josh Randall believes things may change in the future. Randall thinks that games like Rock Band may eventually abandon consoles altogether, instead taking the form of instruments with built-in music.

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Darkaber3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

What the Fuc* is this thread starter on about???????

Dont trust everything you read on the internet jtorry !!

William Wallace3299d ago

These journalist must be bored. Why do they try to start so much dribble. I hate stupid rumors that don't make sense. is on my block list for stupid articles.

Christopher3299d ago

I say go for it. Would love to actually learn to play songs on a guitar or drum through a specific peripheral that utilizes the TV as a visual guide on how and what to play.

christian hour3299d ago

The rockband drum kit already teaches you how to play drums. I've been playing Guitar for the last 13 years. My dad showed me some chords and then I was self thought. Simple fact been ANYONE can play guitar, one of the easiest instruments ever. But I could never drum. Was terrible at it anytime I tried to even learn.

Thanks to Rockband I'm not a half bad drummer. PLayed through the game on easy with drums, and worked my way up through each difficulty. If you can play a song on expert, then you can pretty much play that song on an actual kit.

sunil3299d ago

We have stand alone games (not consoles) that when plugged into a TV can play games... THEY DO NOT SELL.

Foxgod3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Cool, that picture looks a lot like the guitar i got at home.
Also, i would like to be able to use a real guitar in guitar hero, by letting natal scan my guitar.

3299d ago
Pennywise3299d ago

Ah yes, natal the savior of anything gaming.

PirateThom3299d ago

@William Wallace

You mean that entire Natal montage was, very likely, faked and not actual footage?

Yes, we know.