Hip to Be Square: Those Other Square Enix Games

A Limit Break writer takes a look at a good number of Square Enix's games outside of its ever popular Final Fantasy franchise that are often overlooked but completely worth playing, with reasons how each game is 'notably Square' and 'notably unSquare' in how they differ to the games Square Enix is typically known for.

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StillGray3301d ago

Nier looks like it'll be an interesting way for Square to take on Kojima's Castlevania and God of War 3. I'm definitely impressed after seeing it at E3.

SpoonyRedMage3301d ago

I'm skeptical about it. I loved the Drakengard games but Cavia haven't got the best track record and there's already a LOT of action games coming out. Still want to know what they're going to do to make it unique.

StillGray3301d ago

Agreed. Unlike Tri-Ace or the other studios published by Square, they've yet to prove themselves. Hopefully, Nier doesn't turn out to be a colossal blunder as it's put up against juggernauts like the two I mentioned and EA's new Dante's Inferno, which looks to be taking the genre by storm. Not only does it rip apart classic literature (ouch!), but it does so in style, and that style is admittedly quite a feast to look at.

Tony P3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Hey, if you're going as far back as Ehrgeiz, PICK A BETTER GAME.

Tobal. Einhander. Vagrant Story. All Square, not FF, and leagues better than Ehrgeiz. And I love Ehrgeiz's dungeon. But face facts, man. Woman.

Front Mission is great if you want a change to all the medieval grid-based SRPGs. FM: Evolved? That's not the same genre and not made by SE proper. There is no reason to think it will be of the same calibre besides wishful thinking at this point.

joemayo763300d ago

i still want my VP: Hrist :)

still have the original for ps1 im jus surprised thats one of the few ps1 games i have thats still in great cond. (ps1 games got scratched wayyy to easy)

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SpoonyRedMage3301d ago

Decent list. Surprised they listed The Last Remnant, perhaps someone other than me actually like the game despite it's massive flaws?

TWEWY is a game every JRPG fans should play, definately overlooked. Especially considering the "flop" that is The Last Remnant outsold it.

StillGray3301d ago

Like the author, I definitely liked Last Remnant. She's right on the mark with how the game tends to cater more towards the Western market. I personally enjoyed the combat and liked it in spite of its other flaws. Makes it worth playing, honestly.

Baka-akaB3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

My prob isnt the focus on the west , by problem is that square seems to be looking at the west , buy simply mimicking it and worst of all using already overused and faulty 3d engines .

Cathering to the west doesnt mean : buy bethesda engines (the rather dull and buggy embryo engine) or use U3 and here we go you're done .

Just use your usually expertise and level of quality with a western focus on design and plot narration .

Anyway Last remnant was an ok game , but definitely not up to their quality standards and full of flaws indeed .

What i dread are rather "western" project such as the upcoming Front Mission and Nier .
I very much hope (especially with Front mission) that i'm going to be wrong , but i can't shake the feeling it wont be any good .

Imo given how they look at it , their only current hopes of good western games , is their newly aquired Eidos .

Baka-akaB3301d ago

I aint impressed at all by Nier . First of all while i'd commend the hero not having a bishie look ... the game looks horribly flat and generic so far .

Especially in a genre that is definitively crowded by promising upcoming new ips , but also returns of kings such as God of War 3 and Bayonnetta (the real dmc 2?) or even Ninja gaiden 2 ps3 .

Gue13300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean are two great franchises that Square ruined... The same with Grandia and the abomination that is Grandia III and Grandia eXtreme. All of them now packed with extreme gayness.

And not mentioning Dragon Quest is a sin! I just hope Square don't ruin it too. =/

edit: Nier looks like more crap from Square, when you can't even make a good trailer for an upcoming game you know things are really wrong.

Mantiz3300d ago

Wow I know the second one was terrible but the first game is one of the best rpgs I have ever played period and it was a long way from a FF game what with had drawn graphics and the battle was AMazing but not remotely FF like......Also Brave Fencer these are the games square needs to be making now !!!!!!