Electric Jesus vs. Super-Cannibal (Infamous vs. Prototype)

Crispy Gamer writes: "First, people joked about not being able to tell them apart. Then there was the fact that their release dates were separated by mere weeks. But even though most were comparing them, there seemed to be a sense that people didn't want to declare one game better than the other.

I'll say it outright: I liked Infamous a lot more than I do Prototype. I doubt I'll even finish the latter game."

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MetalGearBear 3274d ago

Electric Jesus vs. Super-Cannibal!!!???
lame article!!!!!

danthaman153273d ago

Infamous is better but prototype is also good. See people, it's possible to type a sentence intelligently, instead of typing "OMG protohype suks bals infamus es bettar!!!1!!one!" Also, calling someone a fanboy makes you a fanboy. Doesn't anyone remember that age-old internet rule?