Halo Reach: First Animation Reel Uncovered

SKOAR! "This following video contains material that is neither been leaked, its 100% legitimate . The video is a demo reel of a Bungie employee "Will Christiansen" who has been contracted to work on Halo Reach."



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Natsu X FairyTail3209d ago

The footage puts a big

:) on my face.

Halo reach will be great.

christian hour3209d ago

Or it could be terrible. Frankly I'm a little disappointed in Bungie. After Halo 3 I was really hoping for a new refreshing IP. Now we have ODST on the way as well as Reach. Honestly I've had enough of Halo.

Or it could be god damn awesome, who knows? One thing I'm positive about is, those animation reels for reach tell you nothing about the game at all. It doesnt say if its gonna be good or bad, so until we see some actual gameplay or footage, nobody can really say one or the other.

Natsu X FairyTail3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I'll have to disagree my friend

I doubt that Halo Odst and reach wont be good games!

last time I checked all the Halo FPS games were rated higher than 90% in average on META and thats good! even Halo wars a RTS is 80+

christian hour3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I never said they'd be terrible games. I just said reach has as much chance as sucking as it does at been brilliant. Because at this poin, we have nothing to realy go off. Fall of Reach was a great novel, but we can't go off that either.

And I didn't say ODST was gonna suck, I said I would have preferred if Bungie had went for a new IP instead, that I'm just tired of the Halo series and was happy to see it end with halo 3. I could accept that. I was willing to move on and let the series end.

So in short I said...

Its too early to say if halo reach will be good or bad.
And that in my opinion, I would have preferred a new IP.

Read my post properly next time ;)

edit: and I wouldnt care if their meta score was 30%, because regardless, I loved halo 1 2 and 3, and although I did not buy halo wars, I rally enjoyed playing it too. I'd just like something new and different.

Natsu X FairyTail3209d ago

me I say that Based on the PAST halo games the new ones shall be good to.

William Wallace3209d ago

Why must Microsoft enslave us with more Halo? We have had enough. I want a new franchise to drool over MS. Halo is old and nothing new has come out of it since Combat Evolved. Let's create a new universe for us to explore.

PS. I hated the flood.

jdktech20103209d ago

Don't buy it if you feel enslaved by Halo......

I, for one, can't wait for both of the games and I would buy ODST if I had the money but I don't sadly.....Geeze, people think they're the only one in the world that likes a certain game and their word speaks for the rest of the world...

Oh well

Jerkapotamus3209d ago

You should have said that then. The news story is about a demo reel, and you said it brought a smile to your face. It's not hard to see why it was interpreted that you were trying to judge Reach's merits on a short animation clip.

There was that short clip of Lair in the demo reel. Crappy Natal implementation ruining the game confirmed? Kidding...I'm sure it'll be fine. Like you said, Bungie has a fine pedigree. I agree with the sentiments of others that I would like to see them try something new though.

All Time Greatness3209d ago

Why cry about Halo when there are about 1,000 other games coming by end of 2010? Don't like Halo, don't play it.

"He also says that he has so many “awesome animations” to be put as a part of his portfolio and cannot wait for the release of the game."

I can't wait to see wait Halo: Reach will look like, this is by far and away my most anticipated title. This footage is weak but at least we know it will have good animations lol

talltony3209d ago

Yea based on the past Halo games. They were good but based on the past Halo games its getting really old now. I have had enough halo honestly.

Natsu X FairyTail3209d ago

"Yea based on the past Halo games. They were good but based on the past Halo games its getting really old now. I have had enough halo honestly."

that's exactly why you have other games to chose from (forza3,Splintercell,MagnaCart a2,L4D2,MW2). In my case I am not a BIG halo fan but I don't mind seeing other Halo games come out since I dont usually buy them.

but this time in my case I shall be buying them.

green3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Anyone that's tired of Halo should go buy something else.Last time i checked there are so many other shooters coming out like Bioshock 2,Modern Warfare 2,Bordelands,MAG,L4D,Operation Flashpoint 2,ARMA 2,Brink etc.So is it that they don't deserve your money?Or the only FPS worth buying has to come from Bungie.

As for me and millions of others, i am far from tired of playing Halo.Today is my day off work and i have logged in over 3 hours playing 3v3 on Halo Wars and i have Halo:ODST pre ordered and will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Halo Reach next year.

DARK WITNESS3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

personally for me, the real question is not how good halo reach will be, we know it will be good... but, will the single player experience be as good or better then Halo CE ?

I am not tired of halo yet because i am still waiting to play the game that i started playing with halo CE. halo 2 and 3 feel like something else when i play them.

I love halo 2 and 3, but till this day halo CE is still my favorite and i still feel like i am waiting to finish that game.

my only worry about halo reach is, is it too soon ? I really would like to see the game running on a new engine. it would be even cooler if they used the story from the book, it was a great story really well told.

but in my mind i just can't see it happening. obviously i don't work for bungie or MS so i don't know how many people are working on it or what sort of time lines they have for it, but i just hope they don't mess it up rushing it out or anything.

halo CE is still my all time favorite FPS campaign. The memories i have playing that game, nothing else has quite met up to that standard for me, even though i have been trying hard to find something else.

make it good and make it well.

Well said green, well said.

iDystopia3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Dark Witness, Halo Reach will be running on a new engine, the first time on Planet Reach and from the pics, looks like it will be centered around the group of Spartans in the the novel "Halo: Fall of Reach"


ya, i have heard that.. but as far as i know its just a rumor, until i hear something official i won't put money on it.

I hope it is true, i hope it is...

iDystopia3209d ago

On there job listing it says their hiring for their project and will be working with a new engine. I highly doubt it would use the Halo 3 engine again. Bungie changes engines with each game they make.

n4f3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

for people that cant stand halo:if you dont like it then quit b!tchin STFU and GTFO. the same goes for other game also

on topic: i like what i see and like what natsu said since the past have been good it only logical that osdt and reach will be great excepte if the really blow it which will be almost impossible

Double Toasted3209d ago

Why don't you speak for yourself, you'll sound less like an idiot...

randomwiz3209d ago

If Halo Reach is more of the same Halo then COD MW2, is just another COD4 game.

Halo Reach is not "just another Halo game". Just like MW2 isn't just another COD4 game.

ZombieNinjaPanda3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

You guys have really no merit to argue. If you don't like Halo, don't worry about it.

I am personally really excited for Halo Reach. ODST? MEHHH.
Reach, is gonna be about like..the first defense of Earth, with all the original spartans, rather than chief. so that makes it awesome already.

I liked that kill animation too, walk up to him, step on him, and them BOOM! :D


@iDystopia :

I remember Reach being about the first defense of Earth..

DARK WITNESS3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )


are you sure about that, them changing engine with each new game ? I am sure i heard somewhere that halo 3 ran on a heavily modded halo 2 engine.

I am not an expert on it or anything... i do keep up with most of the news on here though and yes again i heard about the job posting. still it does not really confirm anything. it could be a new engine for another game or another halo game on the next xbox, who knows.

I am not saying your wrong, but all that stuff is not concrete proof that it is running on a new engine and when i say new engine i mean from the ground up.

oh, which pics were you talking about ?

@ the guy above, Reach was not about the first deffence of earth. Reach was the second largest military strong hold after earth. If you remember at the beginning of Halo CE, they were fleeing from reach when they came across the first halo. Reach was also the testing ground for the first spartan project.

I think i need to go read the books again, but reach was one of the best along with Ghost of Onyx. that had such a great ending, i really want a game that continues the story of where that book left off.

edit; ok, what was the disagree for this time, what i said about the engine or what i said about the story of reach ?

IaMs123209d ago

i see enough of Halo but do you ever get enough of Final Fantasy or Metal Gear, i think not. I see Halo as this, the popular thing that it is awesome too hate although you know you like.

christian hour3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Final Fantasy doesn't really fit into the same category since each game has a completely different story and is normally unrelated to the next or previous installment (except with compilation of ff7... they kind of went a tad bit ovrboard with that, when all anyone really wanted was a remake :P)

As for metal gear solid, I'm glad it finished with mgs4. If it didn't I don't think I could hack another MGS with Solid Snake at the helm. I'm not really lookin forward to the raiden game on 360/ps3 or the snake eater sequel on psp. So I'll probably give them a miss. As far as I'm concerned it ended with 4 :) And halo ended with 3 :)

Kojima has a lot of great ideas he's hinted at over the years in interviews but has yet to do anything with them because he's been stuck making mgs games, still to this day even after the 3rd time hes said hes moving on from the series :P

And I was hoping for the same from bungie. Last time I checked in on bungie they were workin on odst and a secret game, while halo wars was been made by ensemble studios and peter jacksons game company where making another halo. I was really hoping bungies secret game would be a new IP. I was just a little disappointed it was another new halo game. I've had my fill.

We'll just have to wait and see if Halo:Reach kicks ass. Until then it could go eitherway. Bring on the disagrees. Already i've gotten about 20 or so in this aricle for simply saying Its too early to tell if its good or bad yet. How can people disagree with that? I shall never know.

And to the people saying oh theres loads of other games coming out, you dont have to bother with halo if you dont like it, just play the other games... Well yeah of course I'll be playing all the other great games coming out this year and early 2010. Its one of the great things about been on the fence in an imaginary console war invented by hot headed teenagers. You can play and enjoy GAMES! Regardless of platform. I don't thin anyone replying to 1 said they didnt like halo. Just that its too early to declare this game good. Theres not much to go on, so saying it will be crap is just as justifiable as saying it will be good. Nobody is right or wrong.

Patience, when odst comes out we'll all get a go of reach's multiplayer and then we can all have our opinions on wether its win win or lose lose. I forget what i came to say... I'm a bit mashed from smokin too much. So take of this what you will. this post is probably all over the place!

da720izcumin3209d ago

if you clicked this link only to whine about halo then you are a troll.
most of you guys don't whine when a new mario is announced. hell nintendo announced 3 mario games this E3.
i want moar halo...Infact, I can't wait for Halo 10.

talltony3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Why do you have to turn this into a xbox thing. I am saying I am bored of halo and with good reason even if u disagree with me. The series is getting old plain and simple. And I did not say one negative thing about your favorite console now did I? You are just so quick to stick up for your favorite console and all of it's games.

whothedog3209d ago

if you don't like every game on your console than your a fanboy.

JokesOnYou3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Sure this is a social gaming site, so opinions are welcome but it does come off as AT LEAST a bit SNOBBISH to click on a "Halo:Reach" themed thread just to tell everybody who's anticipating MORE Halo news that you're so dissapointed because Bungie hasn't moved on to something else instead of MORE Halo games. Geesh, why not go play all those better shooters? lol

@whothedog, and it has nothing to do with Halo fans calling you a fanboy if you simply don't like Halo, H2, or 3 or any other 360 game...the point many folks above have already stated is WHY bother with this news, it isn't like any of these Halo threads are about some brand new Halo game with folks weighing in for the first time on whether not they are particularly interested in seeing another Halo type game. At this point the world is aware more Halo is coming, if you're dissapointed get over it and buy something else, if you're excited like most of us, then game on!....don't act so surprised that the christian hours and similiar type comments will be seen merely as nothing more than trolling, there are tons of rehashed exclusives on other consoles, and YES including FF, but none of them recieve anywhere near the "scrutiny" or "slight dissapointment" that Halo does...and why is it then that MOST of those filled with dissapointment over Halo have a history of comments that are at least "favorable" to sony? hmmm talltony and whothedog, OK whatever lmfao, Don't answer, its a rhetorical question....none of us are new to n4g. lol


mastiffchild3209d ago

There are always misundestandings if someone says something not totally celebratory about Halo games, aren't there?

Most people with any issue are just some of those who'd like to see Bungie, as they've done so well with FPS and Halo, turn their talent to something completely new-which is fair enough isn't it? They're hardly likely to say it in threads about other games and/or devs are they? Then it turns into a console thing which I highly doubt, in the majority of cases, that it is-if they hated MS/360/Xbox they wouldn't care about Bungie , who despite their independence are still MS loyal, would they? And if they didn't like Halo they wouldn't have played all the games either.

It's getting as harsh in these topics as it used to be in MGS4 ones if someone even mentioned the cutscenes being slightly overlong!

That said Reach could well be a very different experience to Halo3 and even ODST so still being Halo people will be pleased and as it's different so will those wanting a change,no? I just hope that, if Natal is indeed used for this, that it both works itself, works for the game AND the game will be just as good as previous Halos with a normal controller. Apart from that, and esp with a new engine pushing the looks of it, I can't see many problems-though what happens with the animations is way too early to tell.

talltony3209d ago

"if you don't like every game on your console than your a fanboy."

Are you being sarcastic or something? cause this doesnt even make sense.

JokesOnYou3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I guess you're not the sharpest tool in shed. I would explain what he said but lets just say he was agreeing with you and in context of the conversation it does makes sense, although obviously I disagree with him. lol, a perfect example of WHY the comments section inevitably turns out the way it does so often.

@mastiffchild, sure as we can see there are always going to be "misunderstandings" on this site, lol but its really not about that, lets be honest Halo draws an massive amount of negativity and I'm sure SOME would genuinely rather see what else Bungie has to offer, actually we all would, but in due time....Halo franchise has alot more to offer and maybe it will be handed over to another dev eventually before its done but at the same time Halo franchise has a massive following who like what it offers and when there are SO MANY OTHER GREAT DEVS making OTHER GREAT GAMES why is it so important that BUNGIE in particular needs to do something else at this point...I go weeks to occasionally months without playing Halo3 and it while its familiar its also "fresh" everytime I go back for a few days or so. I want MORE games from the Halo Universe and I'll get my new IP fix from other devs UNTIL Halo has run its proper course(what that is) and Bungie no longer thinks theres something worthwhile to be explored. Also your statement:

"Then it turns into a console thing which I highly doubt, in the majority of cases, that it is-if they hated MS/360/Xbox they wouldn't care about Bungie , who despite their independence are still MS loyal, would they? And if they didn't like Halo they wouldn't have played all the games either."

-uhm, I'm not sure if you know what site this is....sounds very naive to me, people make all sorts of choices and statements regardless of whether or not they have some bias/hatred toward a company/product...that just means it has enough merit to warrant their attention/purchase however it does NOT mean they are ABOVE insulting/concealing/displayin g a negative attitude toward something they paid for simply because of their PRE-EXISTING BIAS.


ObviousTruth3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Alternative link since this one was shut down...

talltony3209d ago

Oh I am really sharp! Dont act like you know me cause I took him out of context with that comment. Still its a really stupid comment.

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ELite_Ghost3209d ago

nothing amazing, but much better than halo 3 animations.

Droid Control3209d ago

They don't behave like they have real bone structure and muscle mass.

Mo0eY3209d ago

Welcome to the Halo series.

ambientFLIER3208d ago

That's because they don't have real bone structure and mass. They are characters in a video game.

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