NowGamer: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) Preview

In the immediate aftermath of E3, Activision seemed like the most cynical, money-hungry company in the entire industry. Granted, the imminent arrival of two-dozen Guitar Hero sequels seeded the thought long before the doors of the LA Convention Center opened to the press and public, but Bobby Kotick and friends had a busy week offending gamers' sensibilities.

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Salta_nelas3245d ago

He means 720p/60 fps.

Nice preview though.

Lord_Ranos3244d ago

can't wait for the ps3 version.

ELite_Ghost3244d ago

can't wait to rent it :) MAG ftw! (hopefully)

unbiasedgamer2513244d ago

I am very excited for this sequel. Though the first modern warfare was topped a while back, and regardless if Modern Warfare 2 surpasses those certain games (quality wise) it will still be a excellent game.