zConnection: Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal Review

zConnection's Connor Beaton writes: "I've been a fan of the Monkey Island franchise ever since I first played the original 1990 The Secret of Monkey Island on my good old G3 iMac nearly a decade ago. The witty plot and dialogue, insult sword fighting and mind-bending puzzles had me hooked and I quickly got my hands on the three sequels: and trust me, the first three games are nigh impossible to track down these days, making them even more special. Out of the original quadrilogy, I enjoyed the fourth the least. It was the first 3D Monkey Island game and I felt the game had lost a lot of its charm. Deciding that 3D maybe wasn't Monkey Island's thing, I hoped that if LucasArts chose to make a new game, they'd take a few steps back and use a style similar to the lovable cartoon graphics of the third game.

"Hopes for a new Monkey Island altogether were diminished shortly after, though, when LucasArts announced they wouldn't consider a new game until "at least 2015." Can you imagine my disappointment? If you're not a fellow player, probably not. It was quite a surprise then – although not an unwelcome one – when I heard the news that a new episodic series was in development from the same team that brought us Sam & Max, Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People and Wallace & Gromit. Monkey Island was back with some hot monkey vengeance and I looked forward to it, even though I was sceptical of the visual direction. I put my faith in Telltale and hoped that the end product would be worthy of the Monkey Island moniker."

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