Race Driver One for next-gen and PC in 2008

Latest instalment in multi-million selling series to feature more events and a new level of visual detail, physics and car damage.

Codemasters has announced Race Driver One, the third generation game in its critically acclaimed multi-million selling motorsport series. The game is in development at Codemasters Studios for leading console platforms and PC.

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Karebear4254d ago

The littlest things can yank me out of the immersive experience into the game. The car's look very real, but the grass to the side is still a flat surface with 2d grass mapped on it. I know that even the current generation would croke rendering and putting physics to a realistic lawn of grass, but its really starting to bug me more and more. It doesn't matter what game I'm playing either. Sure you have your 3d'ish bushes and such, but not grass. The same goes for any small complex textures. When going through bombed out WWII Europe scenery in Resistance Fall of Man, it drives me batty when I see a big mound of debris that is made out flat surfaces and 2d debris pictures mapped to it. C'mon. Give us real fur, hair, and GRASS! :D

THWIP4254d ago

Look again. The pic shown is from TOCA 3, the last entry in the series, from PS2/XBOX. NOTHING has been shown for RDO yet. ;)

power0919994254d ago

Although it would be nice, your asking for a lot.

It takes serious muti processor servers to render that sort of information.

I am sure the PS3, and 360 can handle it but would have to give up the power for something else.

You would have amazing looking grass, at the cost of the rest of the game looking not quite up to par.

Karebear4254d ago

I can always hope for 4th generation giving me a nice furry Ratchet and individual blades of grass at the same time right? :)

power0919994254d ago

You can invision a wonderful virtual world where even "air" exist!

Your only limited by your imagination! <tumbup>