PlayStation 4: What Do We Know?

Okay, it's no secret that Sony has been working on the PlayStation 4 for a good two years now and rumours abound that Sony will bring forward its launch to 2011/2012 to directly take on Microsoft's proposed launch of its next Xbox. All this talk of will it, won't it? or 'will PlayStation 3 be Sony's last PlayStation?' are largely irrelevant. It's happening, the real question is: what form will the console take?

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Gue13121d ago

I thought that they knew something but after reading that pile of crap it is obvious that they know nothing... What a waste of time.

evilmonkey5013121d ago

I know that ati is making the graphics chip, not nvidia, as apparently nvidia screwed the hell out of Sony last round. They are no longer welcome at Sony from what Ive heard. This article doesnt tell us anything we all don't know already...

SSCOOLCHEA3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

they just want you to read stupidity . I can play with my ps3 till 2025

commodore643121d ago

I highly doubt that this is feasible. Sony will not have had enough time to recoup its $3-4 billion losses on the ps3 to risk an early release of the ps4 with associated losses due to new PS4 hardware.

I would bet that MS will want to utilise the first mover advantage again, as the PS2 strategy of launching before the xbox1 seems to have worked well last gen, as it has this gen for the 360 vs ps3.

Maybe both companies will relinquish the traditional console model of cutting edge tech sold at a hardware loss, in favour of a wii style compromise, which makes a profit immediately, but with less emphasis on cutting edge hardware.

Personally, I hope both MS and Sony find the profits to continue pushing the envelope, because the Wii is not really what I, as a gamer, get exited about.

I don't know about anyone else, but i find the dynamics of the console business hugely fascinating!

Beast_Master3121d ago

I don't see how they could make a better console but cheaper by 2012? Microsoft could because they built an unrelieable console. So I could see them jumping into the next gen early just so they could escape the repair cost of RROD. But if Sony is smart they will just keep upgrading the PS3 through firmware, and keep dropping the price. Remember we are still in the HD gaming generation and a new console isn't going to change that. The next gen will be more interactivity with Natal and Motion controllers packed in the box, then 3D, and then hopefully we will begin the long road of Virtual.

Anon19743121d ago

I think it's far too early for Sony to bring out a PS4 in 2010-2011. Unless the go the Wii route like Microsoft is threatening to do. Shane Kim himself last year was talking up a cheaper, digital distribution hub clearly indicating that they've been watching the Wii's success but know there's a whole pile of money to be made in their online subscription service.

The only difference I have with Commodore is the difference between his definition of what a loss is compared to money invested as part of a sales plan. He's always seemed to view the money spent on the PS3 as some great, corporate debacle that Sony is desperately trying to recover from. When a company pours cash into R&D for a product, or aggressively prices that product in order to position it to make a profit later on down the road they do so with their eyes wide open. That's money invested, not lost. If the product fails to deliver, then you can count it as an investment lost but it's too early at this point to claim it's a loss.

By contrast - if a company were to have an unexpected expense that cost them billions and wasn't part of the initial plan of investment, I would count that money as lost. There's a clear difference when company's invest according to a sales plan and when company's are forced to spend money on unforeseen circumstances, or when those investment plans don't bear fruit.

samchris3121d ago

Great comments from both Commadore and darkride66. I agree with both of you.

artsaber3121d ago

Sony's Bluray success is a direct result of the implementation of the PS3 console. You can credit just about all past, current, and future Bluray revenue sales gains to the PS3. The money Sony is making hand over fist from Bluray is often forgotten and not properly credited. So I believe we can easily say that the PS3 has recouped any and every R&D dollars ever spent and then some. Especially since the PS3 STILL holds up as one of the best/fastest Bluray players in the general consumer market.

Oh, and did I mention that it plays games too? LOL

GarandShooter3121d ago

'Sony will not have had enough time to recoup its $3-4 billion losses on the ps3 to risk an early release of the ps4 with associated losses due to new PS4 hardware.'

A similar scenario didn't stop MS from releasing the 360.

sunil3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Sony is unstable right now (financially)... They might not want to take that risk now... especially when the ps3 sales are starting to heat up and with Slim on the say.

I would rather see the life if this console extended rather than more of the same in a shiny new box and a remote (example Wii)

Also would Sony want to risk PS3 falling further behind in sales by launching the PS4?

PS3 launch did hurt the PS2, but the PS2 had made up on the initial losses by then.

farsided3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

"A similar scenario didn't stop MS from releasing the 360"

While it didn't make much sense, they still had the money to be able to do it, and in my opinion, made the right choice to move on from a generation they were totally failing in.

The original Xbox: Poor introduction piece, poor introduction timing, yet with enough money (and some good marketing...and a year head start on everyone else...and a good *almost* launch title: Gears of War) it became a good stepping stone for access into the current generation of hardware.

@ Artsaber

Interesting point: the PS3 did propel blue-ray well into the lead against HDDVD (and thus victory) While the PS3 hasn't exactly been the greatest at sales, I'm sure blue-ray itself is playing a huge factor in raking in the $$$ for Sony.

commodore643121d ago

A quote from darkie:

"..That's money invested, not lost. If the product fails to deliver, then you can count it as an investment lost.."

I guess Sony shareholders can rest assured knowing that it wasn't money that they lost, but only an investment.
I am sure they feel much better now...

Oh wait. You don't mean to say that it's still money lost, but with some hefty spin to make those $3-4 billion losses sound more palatable?

way to spin, darkie.
Did you get a new job in advertising?
Or did you go back to your old job at Sony PR?

I really think you have a talent in that area.

DeadlyFire3120d ago

E3 2010 we will see 2-3 new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. I know very few believe me, but just wait and see.

Microsoft has Project Pheonix which upscales X360 games. Sounds like new hardware to me. Very likely E3 2010 we will see some hardware and game demos of it and Natal support built into the console.

Sony has PS4. Set for 2011 release. Yeah PS3 will still be here and last a good while. Still though the 5/10 year plan is what works and Sony is likely sticking to it. New Blu-Ray format with support up to 400 GB discs is to launch in 2010 as well as New cell chip coming in 2010. What more do you need to make this solid evidence of new console hardware? E3 2010 would be nice time to unveil a prototype and show off a new KILLZONE 3 OMG CGI? is that real video. LoL that would be so funny if true. We already know its very likely KILLZONE 3 is to come at some point. Why not start a new video showcase for E3.

Anon19743120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Some of us have brains...and then there's Commodore! Nothing will stand in the way of his perpetuation of the console wars, not even common sense!

Of course Sony shareholders realize that money is invested. That's how the company works. Sony has always been about introducing new products to the marketplace, and they invest billions to create these products to send to market. Sometimes they bear fruit, like the Playstation brand, sometimes they don't, like the Mini-disk.

If investors were as narrow minded as you, no one would invest because every single time they spend money on a new product they'd be shrieking "Look at all the money they lost!"

It's funny - then he labels as spin the truth as spin. You don't have to spin this to see that Sony is in the business of investing money into new products to bring to market, you just have to not be an idiot. I find it hard to believe that even YOU would argue such common sense.

commodore643120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )


Anyone would think Darkie lives in a bubble.
You are just peddling spin again.
Every time we meet I am further convinced that you are just a common salesman without a clue.

Darkie... every company since the year dot has made 'investments'.
Please quit regarding yourself as some business guru, because you definitely ain't, that much is clear.

An investment is the placement of funds into a project with the intention of generating profits. As soon as the project turns a loss, it is no longer an investment... it is a loss.

Saying these losses are 'investments' just offers some hollow comfort and hope to shareholders that need to be placated.
Until the day these losses on s3 are recouped and the whole business model turns overall profits, the 'investment' is a loss.

Fact is, the use of the term 'investment' to explain losses is just fallacious - it's just salesman/broker talk.
A loss is only ever ... a loss.

The avoidance of acknowledging losses and the ongoing refinancing and justification of bad 'investments' is exactly what got us all into the sub-prime morgage mess.

I hate to patronise you so, but you should know that, at least!

Anon19743119d ago

You say right there, "An investment is the placement of funds into a project with the intention of generating profits."

Which is exactly what Sony has done with the PS3, spending money on the R&D and selling below the cost to build and install base, just like they did with the PS2 before. And we know it was working because, prior to the yen's appreciation vs the Euro/US dollars, SCEE was in the black again.

Then you turn around and try to spin it that, even though it meets your definition as an investment, it's really actually a loss and somehow I'm wrong.

What a maroon!

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Rifle-Man3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I just spent $1000 on a PS3 and 10 games – buying a new system in 2-3 years isn't something I'm all that interested in.

locos853121d ago

I still feel like the PS3's life cycle has just started. Still waiting for their first JRPG.

timmyrulz3121d ago


They saw you coming, im selling mine with 9 games and 2 blu ray movies for £280!!

JL3121d ago

I'm with you, man. I feel it's only just begun. Hell it's almost as if we're at a semi-early adoption stage for the console...maybe..? I mean I can't tell you how many I know that still haven't made that jump from their ps2 to the ps3 (like they want to). Sony is just really starting to hit their stride now. I feel we have LOTS of time before we even hear an announcement of PS4. I'm just really getting into the PS3 and as far as I can tell it has a long future ahead of it.

Lifendz3121d ago

I spent 550 for a launch sku 60gb, I don't know how much on the 13 plus games I've bought so far, and not to mention the HD TV I bought.

In sum, I'm not buying a new console until 2015 at the earliest. Especially after seeing the price drop, improvements to interface, functionality added, and games available after a console launches.

Rifle-Man3121d ago

I didn't buy it all at once, it was over the last year-and-a-half and it was all new.

SlyGuy3121d ago

try out Folklore.

A very awesome (and underrated) JRPG.

mfwahwah3121d ago


150 million or so PS2 owners (I don't know the actualy number but I know it's 100 million < PS2 owners < 200 million).

Only like 20-30 million PS3 owners.

I imagine those PS2 owners like little zerglings hiding in the ground, waiting for the right time to announce their existence and swarm the shelves buying reduced priced PS3s when they arrive.

JL3121d ago

Yea, I think the exact same thing. This gen just hasn't really kicked off yet, not like it will. I can name 10 people that I personally know that are waiting for that price to drop so they can make the leap as well. To all of them (especially with the support of ps2 still), the "next-gen" just hasn't started really. Granted 10 people isn't alot. But that's pretty much every gamer I personally know. So it's the majority of gamers that I know. A couple of them have bought 360s, but even those two are waiting to trade in their xbox for a ps3 when the price gets to where they can afford it. It's really evident in the sales numbers. Just nowhere near what they were at this point in time of last generation. That's if you exclude a majority of the Wii's sales, because I think we all know that they have brought in a HUGE non-gaming crowd that just wasn't around last gen. Hell, my mom owns a wii and she's not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. Even further evidence is with how well the ps2 is STILL selling. Just further proof that for ALOT of people (those outside our "hardcore gamer" status--yes i'm using that term loosely--or cutting edge technology types like us) just haven't jumped over to this generation yet. I also think this generation will have long legs and we won't see new consoles for a while. The ps3 came out 6 years into the ps2's lifetime, I don't expect to see that for next gen. When they say 10 year life for ps3 (at least) then I can believe that not counting any overlap. Being 10years before we even see ps4. Especially with the expandability and upgrade-ability that the ps3 has. I mean it's practically a totally different system now than it was when it launched. And that's only going to grow over time.

Fact of the matter is that ALOT of last gen's gamers haven't made the leap yet. We who have, are probably in the "minority" so to speak. It's just the "hardcore" crowd that has jumped over so far. We're going to see a huge influx when the ps3 price drops down to a more "reasonable" price for the casual consumer. And we have plenty of time for that, because this gen is going to last a while. With the technology of the ps3 and the staying power it has and expandability, I'd think something like 2015 we'll see a PS4.

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Baba19063121d ago

rumours rumours and more rumours. =D i dont see this happening 2011/2012 but well. thats jsut me.