HVS: Other developers/publishers are in a "wait and see" with Conduit sales

In the latest edition of Official Nintendo Magazine, High Voltage Software's Eric Nofsinger talks about how worried they were with The Conduit after they saw Madworld sales.

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Product3299d ago

Madworld will end up doing moderate. The Conduit will do much better since it is rated teen and is getting better marketing.

The Wii is starting to get the right games.

Syronicus3299d ago

That Madworld did not do as well as I thought it should. I like the Conduit but it is a bit bland for my tastes and when compared to the over the top attitude of Madworld, I would pick Madworld over the Conduit any day. It just seems that with the attitude of most folks, the Wii is set up more for casual gaming and it will be a struggle for any dev to overcome that reputation of the console when making games set for more mature, hardcore audiences.

ChickeyCantor3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

But thats what i don't get.
People go "ITs a shame it didn't sell"...why is it a shame if most of them saying that didn't buy it?
Just seems hypocritical in a sense.

I mean Wii was trying to start off the right way, but people were so up their own asses that they laughed at the Wii for what it was and were saying it was gonna fail hard. excuse after excuse they kept on bashing the system.
("no" HD, then "Motion controls suck", then "no good games at all" and the list goes on)

Seriously if they really think its a shame they would have at least shown interest by buying it if not rent it.

Obviously people acknowledge the content to be appealing to the "hardcore" crowd. Then i don't see how it didn't sell.
(even though madworld i never thought of madworld being something more mainstream due the artstyle and violence)

Will the " disagree phantom"at least go into a debate?
Cause now its just pathetic.

Syronicus3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

If a game does not sell well enough, the developers shy away from making similar games knowing that what they make will not sell either. It's simple, you have to know that when a game sells well there is a greater chance of seeing similar games and more of them. It's a shame to me because I did play them and enjoyed them and if lousy sales are their destiny then I fear that others will shy away from making more games like them and thus hurting me in the end. I like to play games and when devs shy away from making them it puts a hurting on my hobby.

edit: I was not the phantom disagree but am willing to discuss.

ChickeyCantor3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Its logical that developers will shy away if their games doesn't sell well. Thats not my point. What i don't get is: that most of the people who say its a shame, because its a "HARTKORE" game, in the end never bought the game themself.

If they know the content and know its enjoyable, where were they?
I remember lots of people speaking highly of Madworld here on N4G, from all 3 sides..yet it was in the end just a case of talk and nothing more.

SpoonyRedMage3299d ago

Well Madworld obviously hasn't put anyone off as people have already spoke about making Mature games for the Wii and I don't know how bothered Platinum games are considering Madworld sold 3x what God Hand did and God Hand was on the PS2 but I can't speak for them.

I've noticed that too as well Sidar. I remember reading a comment along the lines of "It's disgraceful that the game didn't sell, I rented it and it's great." I facepalmed upon reading.

Syronicus3299d ago

I for one thing could not tell you who bought Madworld or Conduit for that matter and would not presume to do so but I can say this, I bought them and liked them. I should say that I am currently playing Conduit and though it is a bit bland for my taste, it is the best FPS on the Wii at the moment. I have bought a few other titles ont he Wii that are adult or more hard core and would not understand why people would talk the talk but not walk the walk. Perhaps with the reputation the Wii has for being a casual console it has also seen its fair share of hardcore gamers shy away from it? Just a thought. Not only will devs shy away but perhaps the core gaming community will also so it becomes a perfect storm of sorts when it comes to sales and releases of more hardcore games.

SpoonyRedMage3299d ago

Yes, it's a negative stigma which despite the vast amoutn of hardcore games coming out for this year won't go away. These "hardcore" just don't like the Wii, partially because no one else does.

The DS suffers from the same stigma despite having a consistently good lineup from year to year.

ChickeyCantor3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

"Perhaps with the reputation the Wii has for being a casual console it has also seen its fair share of hardcore gamers shy away from it?"

Its also due the fact they didn't support those game that were actually " hardcore ".

If developers shy away due the fact their "hardcore" games aren't selling its due the fact the "hardcore" crowd aren't buying them.
But its the hardcore crowd who dont buy these games and then claim there are no "hardcore" games.

If anything, the "hardcore" gamers helped the Wii getting such image by simply putting it off as an last gen console and bash it endlessly. While in fact its the games that matter.
If "core" gamers shy away, its only due their double standards.

They want a hardcore game, they get it.
But do they buy it? No they rather b/tch about it.

Gr813298d ago

Just recently came out and said HOTD Overkill was profitable. NMH is Suda's best selling game ever. Doesn't Wii have more third party million sellers than the PS3? And Wii didn't receive the GTA's or RE5's.

Also what are you talking about? Activision didn't come out and threaten to stop supporting the Wii. Maybe its the PS3 that is having a hard time moving software? But whatever, guy.

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Product3299d ago

Seriously this year is great for the Wii, next year will only be better. So many great titles coming out.

Bengoshi-San3299d ago

I played about 5 minutes of this yesterday so I can't comment on the entire game but my initial impressions were good and the graphics look superb.

heroicjanitor3299d ago

They are clearly trying to get people to buy it with this comment, and it maywork, but whenever people say that third party/mature games don't sell on the wii, the fanboys deny it. Yet they respond to this statement by begging other people to buy it...

Seferoth753299d ago

See the complete ignorance of your statement is that it is a fact that 3rd party games do sell. So it doesnt take a fanboy to see that. You are just blinded by your own fanboyish behavior to see that facts are recognized by gamers and ignored by fanboys. Since you decided to ignore them what exactly does that make you?

heroicjanitor3299d ago

So I won't take what you say very seriously. Look at HVS's comment, where they basically say third party's are hoping for these games to start selling.

Anon19743298d ago

But along comes Seferoth75 to set us straight. Forget what everyone, even Ninentdo, have commented on. 3rd party games sell great! Nothing to see here, folks!

Product3298d ago

It's funny how often Darkride666 follows Seferoth75

N4g_null3298d ago

darkride66 must be stalking him. Sef can not say any thing good about nintendo and he can not say any thing bad about SONY. So Dark what are you trying to prove? What is your point? 3rd parties do sell good on the Wii when the game is good enough to get HD gamers to buy it obviously. Another way to look at it is the 3rd party game sells well if it is actualy fun to play. You have to admit most challenging games are not fun to play. You also have to admit the only thing that keeps most of you playing is the graphics in some of these games, while the game play isn't even a challenge. I mean really if you are not having fun then you are wasting time.

heroicjanitor we don't deny it we prove it wrong by posting data. Sure some games did not sell well but you have to ask your self would they have sold well to the HD gamers? then on top of that we know two games that out sold the predecessors. Another thing is games across the board are selling slower than they should based on the hype in the media. We are and where in a recession long before we knew it also. This hurt the HD console first and is trikling down to the wii.

It's almost safe to say the hardcore market is saturated yet unsatisfied. So many high rated games are coming out but there is a double edge sword here. Many of these highly rated games are simply not satisfying the hardcore right now. What is funny is some gamers are being satisfied and it's most gamers on the Wii. There are two type the core gamer or old school traditional gamer, VC gamer that is very hardcore, and gamers that hate dual analog along with gamers that just wanted some thing completely new... wii fit gamers. Graphic whores will be simply lost yet it's these same graphic whores that will not buy some good HD games because they do not meet their tech standards.

I can honestly say I still hold the past as being greater than the present catalog of games right now. I know the hardcore argue about progression but the fluff they see as progressing is shallow at best(I'm alluding to graphics that are not even on par with PC gaming yet cost as much to make, buy and sell).

Plenty of hardcore games have sold on the Wii but what you guys are forgetting is the current group of gamers do not use word of mouth any more and it really is their own lack of presents on the Wii that has lead to nintendo going back to the true core gamer the new comer or casual gamer. It will also lead to their focusing on the Wii entirely simply because they can not afford HD game production or funding. Wii is the only real growth in the industry right now and if you ignore the source of growth then you are asking for your past time to die.

Infact gamers like dark rider and most of the PS3 fans here believe they should not buy games on the Wii and that nothing hardcore on the wii is worth buying due to sells or specs. You guys keep this BS going when you are all proving nintendo's own point. The hardcore will continue to shrink. The current crop of gamers are sensationally spoiled by promises of true hardcore gaming that only exist on PC which is my point. On top of this the current actions of this intenet fanbase will lead to it's own destruction if you keep this up. The Wii is the only hope for some companies to stay solvent. If you deny this then you will help many other join the list of factor 5, and midways while not counting the large number of smaller or not as well known developers that have closed their doors or laid off their talent.

Yet because of this they take on a persona of a PC gamer and shun all console gaming and any thing that does not look like PC gaming.

That is the trend. I think every thing is clearly laid out now also.

The hardcore are running out of money and the ones with jobs only want certain types of games. What was saturated is going to be a surplus and actually cause the systems with the most surplus to falter because HD gaming only has hardcore gamers right? No one buys a PS3 for LBP. I'm not hoping this happen because it would effect me also but this seems to be what is going to happen.

The only thing that is pushing sales of the PS3 is angry xbox 360 fans that refuse to repair their RROD systems. I understand this totally yet the PS3 is so far sonys first system that did not break down in a similar manner. It could also be that the owners are older and know how to take care of their systems who knows?

Gr813298d ago

On point, as usual, why then does it seem like your bubble count keeps shrinking? I guess many on here can't handle the truth.

One thing that I wanted to add to what you wrote is that (regarding other companies going the way of Factor 5) the HD guys DON'T CARE about that. They don't care if a gaming company goes the way of the dinosaur, like you said they are elitist techies who aren't even playing with the best tech out there.

Look at the backlash from Sony fans when the president of Activision made his statements. Seems like the Wii guys have more of a whatever type of attitude when it comes to situations like these. As in "oh well I guess X company doesn't want me to spend money on their product, whatever" and keep it moving. You can even look at FFXIII also in this light once it was revealed Xbox would be getting that game too.

I suppose this is the lasst straw for folks like Darkride..or rather Sef-Rider and the like to grasp at "third parties don't sell on Wii" although, that's been proven to be false for quite sometime now. Every conference Nintendo does they make sure to point out that that statement is false, but the viral marketers and their choir boys (fan boys) keep shouting that tune. The funny thing is the games for the Wii that are "hardcore" these HD guys point and say "see those games don't sell on Wii" Yet the publishers always come out and say how profitable the game was. Then these same guys want them to release the game on HD as a D/L? Are they kidding? Sadly, they aren't.

It is a dangerous game third parties are playing, and many of them are finding out that the PC realm is different than the Console realm albeit a little too late. Ignoring the market leader has its consequences.

The gaming media is in need of a disruption as well, they are pitifully out of touch.

heroicjanitor3298d ago

How is it that you guys can just hear what you want to hear? Look at the article. HVS said they were worried for the game's sales, and they also said other third parties are hoping for the best so they might have a chance too.

How can you possibly read that any other way than third party games like these aren't selling? You can't, and the publishers NEVER come out and say how profitable these games are.

N4g_null3298d ago

heroicjanitor HVS is not worrying about 3rd parties selling, they are worried about there game selling because of the backlash from the HD gamers. Then on top of this they must sell copies to get sega to bite again because they don't have a MGS to fall back on.

I'm betting if res evil 5 came to the Wii today I would stand in line to buy it no matter how bad people hated on the HD consoles... I played the game and it needs the Wii's controls bad.

Seriously If GTA came out and it was as good as the ones on the PS2 with motion plus support and balance board craziness people would buy it and it wouldn't even need a gay story to get people or keep people interested.

3rd parties toke a bad bet and developers like HVS just are not big enough yet to get blind fanboy support but they may be changing.

heroicjanitor3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Third parties are worried about the conduit I didn't say hvs cared about third parties.

Why are you so worried about what hd console people think? From a ps3 point of view the argument is as simple as why stick with ps2 if you have a ps3? The wii would be an option if it's controls were intuitive, but they are generally just replacing A with a shake of the remote, and the lack of accuracy just ensures no proper games can come from it and it will be filled with mini games rather than games like ico, shadow of the colossus and god of war. So it is basically the ps2 with worse games and unintuitive controls(imo, i respect that you may think differently)

N4g_null3297d ago

heroicjanitor do you have conduit? If so go and rent it and I will shoot you dead in the head how do you like that accuracy? Or play phantom LOL it's like he is playing quake 3 on the Wii LOL. Oh yeah try pressing the A only in the conduit or res evil 4 or any other game including NMH you will not get far. I mean if you are playing the crappy games maybe but I wouldn't know because I only play hardcore games on the Wii.

No one is worried about what the hd guys think. They are as relevant as PC guys to me right now. The only passion they have is tech. I only bring them up because they are their own problem. If the HD consoles fail then we will still have the Wii and the ds. Do you think capcom is worried about monster hunter3 on the Wii. Do you think square is worried about crystal bearers for the Wii... nope... are copy cats worried maybe and they should be. Crap does not sell no matter how much you release. Yet every one hated res evil 5 yet bough it any way? How does that work? People bought killzone2 and didn't like it same goes for all the games you could probably post to praise those games... lots of people though those games where lame because they simply lacked good controls....

If you are a smart 3rd party you feel you can out do the conduit. Seriously why would any one be worried about any one else's games. If they are trying to prove some thing then they are just proving they made a mistake earlier in not supporting the Wii and they will continue this mistake. HVS has 4 Wii games in the making I think and do you really think they are not going to finish those games?

Alos after how the HD guys put the game do do your really think the HD console are a good place for their games?

On top of this we are seeing the saturation of the HD hardcore gamers. Yet the wii has a lot of new comers... I think I would want my game on a system where I could get new fans.

Yet if you want to see and feel what a real FPS online experience feels like get the conduit. The HD guys cheered about the idea of using these type of controls but we have it now.

phantomexe3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

i'm not sure how you get begging.It's a good game man,hands down.Good games should sell.I care what these other guys think about the game because like them i like it.Look at it like a players review and most people love it so..Maybe you should rent it and check it out.The key word is was how worried they were when madworld didn't do so hot.Preety sure there not worry to much now because it's off to a good start.

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