Three Or Four New Bosses In Left 4 Dead 2

Valve's Doug Lombardi has indicated to IncGamers that the developer is "toying" with a fourth new boss monster for the zombie shooter sequel.

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Leord3300d ago

Well, that's the least we should expect :)

Chazmers3300d ago

even with the new additions, i'll stick to the first game for the time being.

Dorjan3300d ago

Still no reason to get number 2 yet...

leila013300d ago

Well, too bad, you're in the minority. Everyone I know on XBL has already pre-odered.

FlameBaitGod3300d ago

lol Im the minority too i guess

omni_atlas3300d ago

Read the IGN preview of L4D2:

Does Left 4 Dead 2 feel much different from its predecessor? Well, no. In fact, despite subtle tweaks here and there, it was very much business as usual during our recent extended hands-on with the game, buried somewhere in the depths of London Bridge.

Maticus3300d ago

Didn't enjoy the first one much, it needs a lot to convince me to get the second.

Natsu X FairyTail3300d ago

3-4 new bosses.
Cross playing with 1st
Mods from the 1st can be played on the ''2nd''

this just help to prove what I was saying yesterday.
L4D2 is L4D1 with just more content that could be DLC .
Atleast be honnest and make the game a DLC and stop clamming that its new from the ground and stuff.

terrandragon3300d ago

Shouldn't that be what a sequel is? More content for you? Then let's just forget Modern Warfare 2 because it just adds more singleplayer and new guns. Stop complaining and be happy that you are even getting anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.