IncGamers: WoW's Faction Change Service

IncGamers takes a look at the proposed upcoming service for World of Warcraft, that will allow players to change faction.

Just how popular is the idea? Will players hand over cash to change sides, or will the service be shunned by people who prefer the role-playing side of the game? WoW player Semiiramiis gives her thoughts on the subject, and why she's got no plans to change.

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twoflower3155d ago

Finaly i can oin Thrall's boys !

Leord3155d ago

Still, I kind of think there SHOULD have been a massive quest line, and you just get YOUR char part of the Horde. I think this is silly... :P

Leord3155d ago

Wow (sorry for the pun), I expected to read something really whiny, but it was very good.

Chazmers3155d ago

it's a big step by blizzard and im not sure how many people will pay to change faction. Great article though

Leord3155d ago

Fairly certain that's a StarCraft 2 quote :P

You are mixing up the universes...

Maticus3155d ago

I've certainly wished for this in the past, especially when we lose in a BG time and time again.

But could I give up the golden paved streets of Stormwind for the dusty tracks of Orgrimmar, or the dank sewers of the Undercity? I don't think so. Especially if I had to change my actual character.

SCFreelancer3155d ago

I assume this change service will be somewhat controlled to prevent everyone from going over to the other side? And how does this work if you have 5 characters on a server?

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The story is too old to be commented.