Natal dev: Natal will spawn new genres of videogames

360 magazine recently interviewed Johnny Chung Lee, the motion control celebrity who is now working on Project Natal. We asked what kind of games he thought Natal would enable, and if the technology will spawn entirely new genres that we hadn't seen before. To give you a little teaser of the interview, here's what he had to say...

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Stevie Ray Vaughan3297d ago

Cant wait to see this. Bring it on Natal

KionicWarlord2223297d ago

Even Johnny chung Lee approves.


N4PS3G3297d ago

yeah ..this guy creates some pretty awesome things

Syronicus3297d ago

I am not one for getting physical when I am gaming but my kids love it. Can't wait to see where they take this new peripheral.

callahan093297d ago

Yeah, well he is employed by Microsoft now.

3297d ago
KionicWarlord2223297d ago

Causal...oh noes!!!

But seriously...It`s going be fun ether way you think about it.

militant073297d ago

dude, johnny chung lee works at microsoft now

William Wallace3297d ago

I am afraid of the loads of casual games that this will bring. We already have one shovelware platform, we don't need another.

Thugbot1873297d ago

E3 most overlooked story. Guy has some amazing ideas.

Blaze9293297d ago

You obviously didnt read the article:

"Natal won’t necessarily be more geared toward casual gamers"

also this is an important note:

"and that the technology will be very entirely compatible with the regular 360 controller. "

So there goes any stupid "no buttons/controller in hand = fail" discussion.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3297d ago

I said this many times before.... Natal is going to revolutionize a new way of gaming. Much bigger and broader than motion controllers. Play beyond indeed. ;)

3297d ago
Natsu X FairyTail3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

you're the same guido from WSHH??????


2 disagree for asking if he's the same guy frm another site?

either its the work of multi-acounts or you guys are just really really retarted.

Syronicus3297d ago

That I would not go as far as to say that Natal will revolutionize motion controls but it sure will make it interesting. The thing I like about it is that my kids will not have something in their hands while playing games. That way I can keep from busting out a TV when the remote goes flying. Natal looks good but I have to say that revolutionizing motion controls... Maybe that's stretching it bit too far.

Kushan3297d ago

Natal and the Wiimote are as different from each other as the Wiimote and the DualShock 3 are. You can't compare them, they work in completely different ways and have completely different applications.

Mike134nl3297d ago

If it becommes a hit and only if it becomes a hit, it might revolutionize motion controll.

The biggest revolution I see for now is that you will never need to look for your remote controller, the dream of many laisy people.

But if they succesfully manage to get rid of buttons and controllers that could be accounted as a revolution. That said the motion controll revolution was started by Nintendo, lets see if Microsft can take it a step further.

Syronicus3297d ago

They are so different? They both react to motion. Sure they might have some differing nuances but in the end, they are both motion controls. One just captures you the user and the other captures the control motions... Seems pretty similar to me.

edhe3297d ago

Yes, revolutionise. If you think that the Wii was revolutionary then you've got to accept that natal is too.

To move from a static controller to a motion one, then to complete removal of the controller to provide an entire interface without holding anything is even more of a revolution than unergonomic controller with some accelerometers [or is that the sixaxis?].

Mc Fadge3297d ago

I'm yet to see somethign revolutionary about the Natal system, everything I've seen so far has been done before, but with the addition of the extra axis of motion, Z axis. They're still the same games, just that little bit better.

Syronicus3297d ago

Wasn't the project name for the Wii, the Revolution? If I recall correctly it was and that is what the Wii was. It brought motion controls into the mainstream and showed what it could do for the casual market. It was a revolution. Anything after is more of a copy but as with Natal, it could quite possibly be a vast improvement.

cliffbo3297d ago

Natal is not revolutionary it is simply the same as the Eye-toy from Sony no better, the eye-toy does everything the natal does and has done for sometime now.

yes MS do it again steal an idea and try to claim it as there own will they ever come up with an original idea of there own i guess not

Rainstorm813297d ago

There was already one revolution and sorry it was by sony. Nintendo made motion control mainstream. The eyetoy actually started the motion control FAD. Poor support and marketing held it back from success. The Wii has built in motion control tech, unless Sony and MS follow the nintendo blueprint NATAL/PS motion wont ever be as successfull as the wii unfortunately. Just give me a controller and some core games.

For anyone that thinks NATAL/PS Motion wont create a new level of shovelware you are in denial. Motion Control has the ability to kill the Hardcore Gaming Industry, once the core audience is comprised of mainly casual gamers every system will be like the Wii as far as game library.

This could be a revolution, a Casual Gamer Revolution. scary huh?

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N4PS3G3297d ago

You know..just to give all this Natal is only for casual games a rest ;)

" Lee also said that Natal won’t necessarily be more geared toward casual gamers and that the technology will be very entirely compatible with the regular 360 controller."

Mc Fadge3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

But I'll believe it when I see it, though I'm sure there will be some "hardcore" games that utilise Natal. Lee is very good with technology, but I don't believe he's tried his hand at game design yet. His applications of technology are impressive, but so far they've really only been interfaces.

EDIT: 2 disagrees in less than 5 minutes. I'm happy to have a discussion, but it's hard when you don't talk.

Tony P3297d ago

I don't really disagree at all. For all the hype, MS and Sony's motion efforts will either blow away or fall as hard as Wii (perceptually speaking).

I'm all for positivity and possibility, but I think I may have earned the right to my scepticism after decades of underused and ill-thought peripherals all claiming to 'expand the way we play'. But scepticism is not indifference and certainly not bashing. I hope more than 1st party devs will take advantage of the tech and find genuine 'hardcore' uses for it.

So the question is, will there be actual effort put in to make Natal games that last or will we get the equivalent of Sony's best camera efforts last gen: Eyetoy Play 1-3, Eyetoy Groove, and Spytoy?

Mr. Lee speaks with hope, but unfortunately history disagrees.

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