Sony Trademarks Echoshift


SCEA's applied for a trademark for Echoshift, as you can see here.

What is it? We don't know. An Echochrome sequel, or something?

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sinncross3183d ago


Hopefully this is not Echochrono renamed but a new title!

Sony could have a cool little series here on their hands.

cayal3183d ago

Echochrome is awesome.

I can see Echoshift having a time/space perception added.

JL3183d ago

I downloaded a lil game on my Ipod Touch (well the demo of it) not too long ago called "Shift". It kinda had a Echochrome type feel to it, like a game playing with dimensions. Could be very interesting if Sony goes with a game like this, or a game that's a mix of that and Echochrome.

MAiKU3182d ago

It could be that... Echochrono was a tentative title, and considering what we saw from the trailer, Echoshift could be a better name for the game.

Cajun Chicken3182d ago

Aha. I think I might know what this is inspired by. More Echo, please!

Afreelunch3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

so Echochrono uses time (instead of perspective) as the main puzzle element. Maybe in Echoshift you control the environment but not the character.

DrWan3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Echochrome is the one u manipulate the perspective of the environment and not your character; u don't manipulate time in Echochrome.

"Echoshift u control environment and not character"

Well in Echochrome you control the enviornment and not the character. Have u played the game?