EVGA's 10th Anniversary Team Fortess 2 Weekend reports on EVGA's Team Fortess 2 Weekend.

EVGA is celebrating their 10th Anniversary as a company. In order to show some love to their fan base they are holding a Team Fortress 2 gaming event. It is important to note that it is not a tournament, but a fun chance to game with the community.

The event will take place starting July 25th and end on July 26th. During that time there will be a prize giveaway.

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TiKiMaN13155d ago

All signed up and ready to go. I might not be the best TF2 player, but this should certainly be fun. Not to mention the prize giveaway.

*Crosses fingers that GeForce GTX 295 Video Cards are part of the prize selection*

xlx-russ_923155d ago

cant wait, btw im good at TF2!!!

TiKiMaN13155d ago

Mostly I have a tendency to play as the Engineer Class. I really love building sentry guns and running around beating everyone with my wrench.