Firmware 2.80's Hidden Cinematic Feature?

TSA: We speculated at the time that this feature would present itself at some point, and this morning we think that Sony, being the audio visual company they are, might have had their eyes on getting the PS3's firmware ready for 21:9 gaming before the competition.

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whateva3274d ago

just to write a story.

this is not news

SnuggleBandit3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

ya pretty much...seems like they are pretty much basing it on a tv release unless i read it wrong

of course i stopped reading once it said "no evidence" lol

Syronicus3274d ago

That's why it is listed under rumors. I will say however that the title is a bit misleading.

evilmonkey5013274d ago

is too wide anyhow. I expect 16:9 to be the standard at least for the next ten years. Some films use this format, however Tv channels do not.
I dunno about you, but I hate black bars and this tv makes more of them, not less.... I don't see this as a consumer type of television.

SiLeNt KNighT3274d ago

i dont like seeing those black bars either. could you imagine rendering the picture to fit full screen? 16:9 already looks all stretched out for regular tv but 21:9 would make everyone look fat and stubby.

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LukaX233274d ago

Good, short and informative post.

DMason3273d ago

Seriously dude? Did you even read this? It's all pure speculation with no evidence, proof, or sources to back it up.

LightofDarkness3274d ago

21:9 is REALLY out of the price range of most of us gamers. I believe the Philips 21:9 I saw ran for €4699, which is absolutely ridiculous for a screen that's just really abnormally skewed. Yes it features many of the high-end trappings of LCDs like LED back-lighting, 200hz refresh rate and an ultra-thin frame, but so do the new Samsungs and they're €1400. The only difference is one is 16:9 while the other is 21:9 And that's really not a big enough difference to justify the gulf in the prices.

Mo0eY3274d ago

21:9 is not meant for gaming anyway. If it becomes the norm, I'll buy old TVs until people realize that 21:9 is WAY too stretchy for TV viewing/gameplaying.

The only way to watch 21:9 is at the movies.

Mr Remington3274d ago

Alienware has made an ultra-wide monitor specifically for gaming. It doesn't really give the games any more immersion, but for FPS gamers, you do feel like you're suddenly not so limited. It's pretty much full peripheral vision.

DevastationEve3274d ago

I think it's too wide, but I see why they want to push it. Big screens once they start getting taller you need to pan your eyes higher to get the full picture. They want to go wider to eliminate that since our eyes see more things to the left and right than up and down.

I think it'll come in handy when you have TVs that are "too tall" because they have to keep with 16:9's aspect ratio. So that basically means anything 40" and above, and when viewed from six feet away or less. So in other words, you'd have to be dealing with a) too big of a screen or b) too cramped of a living room.

spaceNerd3274d ago

You people realize that Sony is not going to release cross game chat for at least a year or 2? Read the pc world article with Eric Lempell

ELite_Ghost3274d ago

pc gamer? they don't sh1t about consoles.

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