The Great Microsoft Point Debate

As of late, a great amount of Microsoft Points have been readily available online for 40% off. Where are these points coming from? Are they obtained by legal means? Xbox Insider's Tamizander takes a deeper look into the mystery of Microsoft Points on the cheap.

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KokiriLink3239d ago

That was an excellent read :) It all does seem a bit fishy, but as you said; It's very unlikely a code generator is being used. There is an even shadier method people are using to flog huge amounts of MS points (I’m talking 10,000 to 20,000 at once), phishing. People hack others account with a credit card on them, change the gamertags name, password and email, and buy huge amounts of points. I’ve seen 20,000 point accounts being sold for as low as £15. The user simply downloads what they want on the account, and then deletes it from their hard drive, the games remain and the account is gone. Shady stuff indeed.