PC Looks To Overpower The Consoles With DirectX11 Starting With Dirt 2

DirectX11 is aiming to put PC gaming back in a major leadership position as far as overall game quality over the console rivals and Dirt 2 is leading the way. Although the game has been delayed on the PC it will be well worth the wait for hardcore PC gamers considering that this game is expected to exceed all levels in the racing genre, and when it comes to graphics not even the great Gran Turismo will be able to compete with the beefed up PC development of Dirt 2.

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tmt3453182d ago

I'm not clicking on a HHGS article again, that was disturbing.

Myst3182d ago

Are you (or anyone else for that matter) getting a unsatisfactory from WOT via Firefox from his site?

Syronicus3182d ago

They will never overcome them due to price points. Sorry, but the extra polygons and special effects you get with the PC just do not make up for the huge price. Yeah you can build a resectable PC for around 500 to 600 dollars but those that are willing to do it are few in number and those that do not want to build one will just go buy a 360 or PS3.

Make PC gaming cheaper and I can tell you that they will come back in full force but until then, PC gaming, IMHO, will be for the few.

narked3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

you cant make pc gaming cheaper. that is what you guys dont understand.

All technologies are first introduced by the PC. The money spent on a massive rig is going for research and development of even better technologies. If you made pc parts and technologies cheaper for the consumer, then you would have to stick up with UT3 engine for another 15 years.

the money you are paying for the latest nvidia card is because IT is the latest in graphics technology.
manufactures start their new techs on the pc, then move them to consoles, that is why consoles are more cheap.

edit: for comparison that is what is happening in F1. Ferrari, Mercedes and Toyota used to spend millions upon millions to always improve. with the new budget cuts, where they cannot spend so much, they have slowed down drastically the advancement to their cars and to F1 ingeneral. If there is a new technology in F1 then probably one of those 3 major companies found it out due to their heavy spending, which results in technology coming to F1 at a much faster rate. Same thing happens with computers.

N4g_null3182d ago

Have you ever noticed that HHG makes more claims than rather using facts. We have one game right now officially and if you have actually played crysis then you know how far console are behind. I think that is what turns every one off there is no new info or expansion of info in these articles. They treat such a thing like direct x 11 ads if every one knows why it will be the sh!t yet I'm willing to bet none of you know why. On top of that does he even talk about any of the hardware that will make this change?

Also why does he have his shirt off LOL? WTF is that all about? Is this his myspace account now? Seriously it is cool to see hip hop headz into gaming but really read up on direct x 11 and some of the new tech. The way things are going consoles maybe the benefiting party from the new spec if intel gets their cpu deal off the ground.

Also you have to explain what tessellation is and why the shader modeling is so much better.

Also to the guys above. PC gaming will make a come back because the graphic whores of this gen will graduate to better graphics. They always do since gaming is not about getting better or skills. It has nothing to do with affordability. These guys have two HD consoles what is affordable about that.

Also nothing is more fun than building your own rig and it is basically dummy proof now. On top of that is the true direct x 11 hardware is over kill and way beyond what console have right now.

If the next gen console do not have 4 gigs of ram a 1 gig video memory you may be better off getting a laptop for $400 that has those specs or close to them.

It does not help that the games are now being ported to the PC.

Also I have to say good job for even saying some thing about this. Every other news sight about HD gaming simply ignores PC gaming which is where the real heat is.

What is funny is every one claimed they wanted one console then look at the PC and say their is too much competition yet there are no console fees.

Oh yeah here is a tip try looking up and reading this stuff.

If you actually understand a little about coding try this.

Hey but that stuff would be way too boring right and maybe even nerdy.

skip2mylou3182d ago

@Nuri. i dont use web of trust.

tried it once and i thought it was crap. blocked so many of the sites i visit.

anyways. i never thought that PC gaming ever fell from its High Throne to me pc gaming was and still is overpowering the consoles in graphics because of all the newer Graphics Card that are coming out.

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housegroove763182d ago

very few devs have taken advantage of directX10. I dont think we'll see many more jumping on directX11

TheIneffableBob3182d ago

DirectX 11 is backwards compatible with DX10, so I think many more devs will be jumping aboard since many more people have DX10 hardware now. (The Steam hardware survey has 60% of its users with DX10-capable hardware; however, only about half of that 60% are capable of using DX10 in games by having Vista. Hopefully Windows 7 will expand the market of gamers who are able to run games in DX10/11).

steve30x3182d ago

DirectX 11 is supposed to be much easier to work with than DirectX 10 so we should (in theory) see more DX11 games in the future. Also DX10 GPU's will benefit from DX11 cause some DX11 features will work on DX10 Graphics cards.

Perjoss3182d ago

they say dx11 will not be forced onto win7, you know like dx10 was supposed to be vista only.

N4g_null3182d ago

Any one not using direct x 11 will be left completly behind graphic quality wise. Normal maps can not fake most of the core features.

Also direct x 10 was not supported because feature where left out for what ever reason.

steve30x3182d ago

I have been using windows 7 with 6 months and each build of windows 7 I have installed has DirectX 11 installed from the get go.

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LukaX233182d ago

um, they always have overpowered the consoles...

egm_hiphopgamer3182d ago

yeah that's true before but now in this gen there's alot of games on 360 and ps3 that can go head to head with pc titles i mean look at uncharted 2 i never seen anything on pc with that level of quality not to say that it can't i mean crysis is amazing but then so is killzone 2 you see what i mean but if pc games start utilizing technology that's a significant jump in terms of overall quality here's an example if PC makes a jump right now so big that ps3 and 360 will look like Wii quality and it's the same game just like how Dirt 2 is coming out on both consoles and pc if the difference in quality is that dramatic then damn that's going to be amazing.

TheColbertinator3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Your not very smart,are you Flopflopgamer?

"i mean look at uncharted 2 i never seen anything on pc with that level of quality not to say that it can't i mean crysis is amazing but then so is killzone 2 you see what i mean but if pc games start utilizing technology that's a significant jump in terms of overall quality"

I just laughed my ass off when I read that.I wish Torrance had a MUTE HIPHOPGAMER button when you were on Warzone this week.I'm reporting your comment as SPAM

FantasyStar3182d ago

Why report Colbert? It just shows your insecurity when HHG has a point. Sure you disagree with him, but his point is just as valid as yours. It's no more spam than your comment or mines.

really duh3182d ago

"i mean look at uncharted 2"

"is amazing but then so is killzone 2"

Still stuck on those games being the supposed kings of console games, graphically?

lloyd_wonder3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

Halo 3 looks better than Crysis. Fact.

PC fanboys in denial again.

edit: why am i getting disagrees?

solar3182d ago

i dont hate HHG, because ive never paid attention to him, until now. use some damn punctuation man so i can understand what you post. longest....sentence....ever... .

socomnick3182d ago

HHG desperately needs to go back to school, starting from kindergarten, hopefully sometime around 5th grade he will realize that wrestling belts arent cool and the proper way to talk.

ObviousTruth3182d ago

you don't have a clue, do you?

virtua fighter is the best looking game of all time...FACT.

and perhaps you've heard of a little game called...Quake 3.

i rest my case.

Teatowl3182d ago

ever heard of a game called space invaders??

no but seriously, play crysis on a fully done up computer and then tell me which one you think is better. im not saying that halo 3 isnt a pretty little game but games such as crysis even killzone 2 nd hopefully uncharted 2 seem to have the egde over it

N4g_null3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

hiphopgamer you are among nerds here they will eat your face when it comes to grammar and correctness of the actually facts. If I was with in your sphere of friends you know I would have to know what the best lyrics are or who is on top of "the game". It's no different here. You can not make a claim and it would be deemed true.

Seriously go buy crysis off steam and tell me console gaming is catching up. I'm not being an elitism it is truth console gaming got a few shaders yet they are far from catching up. Console games got better yet the rush to get these systems out had them missing key things needed for a real HD gaming experience. Seriously was it that hard to beat the PS2's graphics, nope?

Killzone 2 got a differed rendering system that is the biggest high light console gaming had.

This is in game and yes you can throw people through walls. Red faction comes the closes to this and every thing does not break like packing material. technicaly we've had this since HL2's engine.

Console gaming is not even close...
for starters

Seriously what is impressing you on the HD console is completely script driven and barely dynamic also.

You see like a great guy and seriously you could drive your point home a little better. You have to dive into this stuff man... Don't just be another blog.

nycredude3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

How the hell is the computer going to make 360 and Ps3 look like Wii quality. The graphics are so far ahead of the Wii now. Are you saying that if PC graphics get better then the console graphics will get worse? I fail to see the correlation there. I mean it is common knowlegde that the games look better later in a console's lifespan and as developers continue to unlock the power of the consoles the games wil get much better in time, so as the pc improve the consoles will also.

I respect bloggers to have an opinion but please make some sense and think about what your saying before you say it like it's fact. Word of advice maybe start every sentence off with IMO then people will take you more seriously.

@scissor dude how you going to call people here nerds when you pull out all those links like you got nothing else to do but surf the net look for tech crap mumble Jumbo. Fact is every time there is a debate about pc graphic the ONLY game that is brought up is Crysis, which more than 3/4 of the pc gamer population can't even run on the highest setup. Can you even run it without an install? Name any other game that beats Killzone 2 (NO INSTALL) on the PC. IMO Crysis is overrated. With bland and dead environment with high resolution but in terms of art direction and effects I think Killzone beats it, not to mention AI. All that tech talk and mumbo jumbo is great in theory and on paper, but if it isn't applied to the actual games and almost no one can run the game unless you dropped a rediculous amount of cash then it's useless.

theox2g73182d ago

You're wrong and misinformed, Just because you don't know jack sh1t about pc games doesn't mean they don't exist,

Crysis isn't the only pc game that looks graphically amazing, pc games don't have hype like console games so unless you're a pc gamer, you won't know or hear of these pc exclusives, Even then, Crysis is far ahead of Killzone 2 and Uncharted, They're not even in the same league so don't try and tell me they're equally impressive

HD Video

Go to 3:00 in the video and admire the detail of prophet's face with all the pimples and skin marks, and we're talking about a 2007 game here

I can list several pc exclusive titles that blow console games out of the water

Arma II

Just look at these shots and tell me you haven't seen anything on pc besides crysis with quality

Zeno Clash

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stalker Clear Sky


Just look at the droplets of water in Cryostasis, best water in any video game ever made, how can you look at that and tell me pc titles aren't just as impressive if not more impressive than console titles graphically?

DaTruth3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

The problem with PC gaming is that if you spend all that time, energy and money to make a game like Crysis, you will never recoup your losses due to piracy and very few people actually having the hardware to play the game. Most of what you will play is multiplatform titles that will just be the same game with higher resolutions.

What is Farcry 2 on PC? The same stupid game with higher resolutions! Even though good PC's are capable of rendering the entire open world at once; but you will still have the same stupid dudes, respawning at the checkpoints five minutes after you leave. Multiplatform gaming hurts all platforms involved.

If devs would go the, if publishers would allow devs to go the distance, they would make three similar but different games, maximizing each consoles strengths; But if one console can only support 8 guys at once, than there will only be eight in every version. They will make compromises across every console! The only thing that is upgradable is the graphics, which is why 360 multiplat games look better... because of ten MB of edram in the graphics card; When the environments could have been twice as big, the draw distances greater on the PC and PS3 and the environments could have been destructible on the PC.

This is the sad reality of gaming today!

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Shane Bettenhausen3182d ago

Only the great HipHopRetard can write "articles" this poorly. Ever considered going back to school, Mr.HipHop?

HarukoHex3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

HipHop, keep in mind, console will never be on equal territoy with PC. why, every 3 weeks a new piece of tech comes out that puts even 5 ps3s tide together to shame.

and yet GT is so realistic that all the PC sim gamers say its a POS game and is not worthy of the title sim, yet Forza 3 is. kinda sad that little dilusional world you live in.

Gue13182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

and comment from there:

rocarva0203 (1 week ago) Show Hide
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Okay in my opinion comparing Forza Motorsports 2 and Gran Turismo 5 is in a way pointless. First things first Gran Turismo 5 is suppose to be photo realistic which is why there is so much emphasis on graphics in Gran Turismo 5. However you cannot compare them on graphics alone because both game focus on different aspects of driving, Gran Turismo 5 is a full fledged simulator while Forza is an arcade simulator. Forza focuses on community and online play, Gran Turismo focuses on being realistic.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------

This guy speaks my mind.

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