Konami ID's to Be Scrapped

GOONL!NE: Fed up of Konami ID's? Well, be fed up no more, the ID's are gone, starting with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

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HighDefinition2964d ago

It`s probably for the best Konami, cause it was stupid.

meepmoopmeep2964d ago

lol, what a stupid idea to begin with

good to know it's gone

Elimin82964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Thank you god. Still sux that you have to use it for MGO...

facepalm2964d ago

::Heavens shines down, Angels sing in joyous song::

Thank God indeed.... ::does Tiger Woods fist pump::

phosphor1122964d ago

So it won't take 3 hours to update that damn MGO >=/. I hate their DL servers. Hell, their matchmaking takes 5-10 mins for me. I have NAT Type 1 btw...

blind-reaper2964d ago


Kojima listens...

Thank you Kojima!

Carl14122964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I'm surprised it took them so long to realise how much the whole system sucks.

MGO would be much better, and played much more, without them

BattleAxe2964d ago

Thank god, that was one of the big downfalls to MGO.

ehkinoh2964d ago

Maybe now I'll try to get back into MGO.

Just signing into the game to play for a little while was such a hassle.

Perkel2963d ago


best move from konami since founding ;-)

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SpaceSquirrel2964d ago

Should be retroactive for MGO =[

ChozenWoan2964d ago

I wish, then I might actually play it.

The whole having to log into anther site just to play 1 game out of all the hundreds of PS3 games was too much for me. Yea, I'm a lazy gamer, but thus is the life that the PSN has spoiled me to.

Come on Konami, integrate MGO into the PSN so I can play with/against my friends. Some of them really need to be taken down Snake style.

Carl14122964d ago

Same. Only reason i don't play it is, because liek that guy ^^ i can't be bothered with two different systems. In fact i don't even know what my login details are for Konami

DaTruth2963d ago

Maybe PSN would fix that disgusting lag! That's the main reason I stopped playing it! A dude comes around the corner, so you shoot him, but you were dead before you even saw him!

Myst2964d ago

Oh man for a second I thought this would include MGO stuff, even though I don't really play it much anymore I'd still be mad if they got rid of them like that. I mean you never know I may pick it up again!

Raoh2964d ago

saying its too late to change it for older games (MGO) is saddening. sometimes i want to play MGO but i dont remember my password. by the time i go to the site to change i just give up and play another game.

Elimin82964d ago

"sometimes i want to play MGO but i dont remember my password. by the time i go to the site to change i just give up and play another game." LOL

ShiNe-Box-2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

But what other Konami games besides MGO & PES should I look out for?