Halo + Diablo = Borderlands

Rich Matney writes: "I never was that great at math, but this is one equation that makes sense to me. The real question is does it make sense to you? Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software certainly hope so."

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stoppre3121d ago

Man this game sounds really great. Hopefully the Gearbox guys and gals can pull it off.

HighDefinition3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Fallout & XIII

Looks cool though.

BTW, if your wondering what XIII is, here......

meepmoopmeep3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

remember the teaser trailer the had way, way back.

it looked really cool.
i thought this game was vaporware since nobody heard anything for so long.

wow, the CGI trailer never even showed any cell-shading artstyle.
weird, maybe they changed it since then.

good to see it's coming out still.

stoppre3121d ago

yeah...I could settle for fallout and XIII as well. HAHA

Awookie3121d ago

XIII was such an unappreciated game, im still waiting for my sequel cliffhanger endings blow :P

RememberThe3573121d ago

I ray that this game turns out good. i don't want those visuals waisted on a game that sucks.

meepmoopmeep3121d ago

they must have changed art style

the first trailer was CGI but nothing cell-shaded
guess they changed it, which is good, imo.

looking sweet.

Narutone663121d ago

Halo FPS + the loot system in Diablo. I hope it's true. Might have to wait till the game comes out to make a fair judgment.

Tony P3121d ago

Yes, they changed the art style. It is actually pretty old news:

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sacton33121d ago

Holy crap, thats pretty

brandynevils3121d ago

From the looks of things, this is going to be pretty good... I was a really big fan of the Prince of Persia graphics.... so that comparison makes me super happy.

METtAL-GAMER3121d ago

So they got a release date for borderlands yet?

stoppre3121d ago

as of now...just october 2009

CheatsMcGee3121d ago

I have always loved cel-shaded graphics. Now you're throwing a game at me that mixes it, along with several of my favorite genre ideas. What a poor time to be broke. XD

Gaming is an expensive habit.

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The story is too old to be commented.