New Calling All Cars Footage

Here are some new Calling All Cars gameplay videos hosted by IGN. The game comes to the PSN next week.

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warfed4138d ago

I will probably be getting it

kornbeaner4138d ago

This game is gonna be fun in it's purest form

nice_cuppa4138d ago

might be fun but im not impressed at all !

another wait and see game !

highps34138d ago

I dont know what he is trying to prove with this game. Or what glasses he is wearing...

How do you create God of War and then this?

I get the smaller games im sure its a lot less stressful... But this game just does not look fun what so ever.

9.99? Sorry not going to happen.

Atleast he has his name behind the title, thats the only chance of it selling..

Reminds me of Mario Kart quite a bit. One thing we DO NOT NEED on any platform IS MORE RACING GAMES..

Enough! Im sick of cars!