Dragon Quest IX looks like the best one to date

Jim hargreaves writes: "After witnessing the sheer awesomeness of JRPG titles such as Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS, I am pumped about the prospect of more flashy-looking additions to come later in the year and at the dawning of 2010, namely Nostalgia and Dragon Quest IX. As I have mentioned before, my opinions of JRPGs polarise depending on the game in question; overload it with too many teenage heroes and tight-zipped clothing and it's probably a no-go (apart from Devil Survivor), but cram it with a medieval tone, an emphasis on cartoon graphics, and unique features, and I am just about sold."

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SpoonyRedMage3243d ago

It does look awesome but it's not real time any more, the fans boycotted that idea which is why it took 2 more years to sort out the game.

It's got a hard time surpassing the others though. My favourite is DQV.

PS360WII3243d ago

Yeah this guys info is a bit old. Sounds like he still thinks it is an action rpg. This is turn based with all the goodies from VIII and then some. Glad the wagon and alchemy are still around and finding new dungeons and maps will help the exploration. As I'm sure the story will be quite engaging.

stoppre3243d ago

More dragon quest!!! YAH!!!