Opinion: Why Sony's Still Playing to Win

Industry Gamers writes:

"We recently posted an opinion piece theorizing that Sony, due to its incredible struggles this console generation and lack of profitability, should consider exiting the video game hardware business to focus on software (much like Sega did after the Dreamcast). Although we still feel that a software-only Sony Computer Entertainment would be a very interesting business approach, in the interest of balance we've decided to also take a look at the other side of the coin.

Here are seven reasons why Sony likely will keep on truckin' in the hardware biz."

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DasBunker3120d ago

why wouldnt they?

way to contradict themselfs from their other article.. which btw was retarded as hell.. this one isnt too bright either

BiggDaddy3113120d ago

So they lost all respect for posting a stupid article now they want a resend? If Sony leaves the hardware business then what we buy MS consoles built to brick? Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid... Please don't give this site the traffic!!

50CALheadshot3120d ago

the authors of this article are the same people that have been right all along. previous predictions include: bluray will fail, cell is not for games, killzone2 is cgi, gt5p cant look like that

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hay3120d ago

I may not be up to date but isn't PS3 doing better than PS2 during the same time span?

Syronicus3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Did not even bother clicking that link. Sorry, but these guys show a complete lack of knowledge about the gaming industry and show little credibility. It's not worth your time.

@ hay - No, the PS3 is not at the same point that the PS2 was when it launched. It is however, only a couple million behind it and yet was released with a price point twice as much. In other words, the PS3 for the price it was released at is selling nearly as well as the PS2 was int he same time frame and is selling much better than any other console released int he same price bracket.

People dog the PS3 because it's the fad thing to do these days. Bash the king of the hill. I say king of the hill because until somebody sells as many consoles as Sony has in one generation, then Sony still holds the spot. From the looks of it, the Wii will be the true contender but since this generation is not over, we will have to wait and see.

Toenado3120d ago

The ps3 is selling very well for its price point and as compared to the 360 at this point in its lifespan. Some people argue the 360 is still outselling the ps3, well put both units at same price and see what happens.

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gamer243120d ago

well if they do it might make a big impact or small.You will ask why it might make a small impact because alot of people already have the big ps3s. Which also means kids and parents might not want to pay for a new one. Which also explains why they will make it cheaper. So i will accept mixed comments on this.

dustgavin3120d ago

Ps2 is still alive after 10 years. Ps3 is at 3 and just getting warmed up.

clintos593120d ago

And if we have learned anything about the playstation 1 & 2 is it sales tend to pick up as time goes as we have witnessed even now in the ps2's 9th year it is still selling.

Look for the ps3 to explode in world-wide record sales as the price goes down. Mark my words even Nintendo knows that lead they have may be safe from the 360 but not from the ps3. As a matter of fact we havent even seen the ps3 go on a wii sales surge run yet which I can GUARUNTEE is what MS & Nintendo is worried about now.

Mark my words a $199 ps3 sku will do DAMAGE CONTROL. U all just wait & see just like the none believers that thought the psx & ps2 would fail. All u doubters & haters are all going to get owned again by the ps3's success.

CryWolf3120d ago

Who writes this crap they don't no what they are talking about sony have big plans for ps3 and people still think sony is losing WTF why would sony do a dumb thing like that be coming a software company like sega who ever wrote this is a idiot.

waltercross3120d ago

Don't even read this article, It's pointless and
It can pollute your mind.

Sony IS Hardware, To top it off the PS3 is very solid
and reliable.

waltercross3120d ago

Prove to me that the PS3 is Not Reliable.

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