Gamertag Radio: Fight Night Round 4 Review

Gamertag Radio writes "The game takes all the best parts of Fight Night Round 3 and enhances it to give long time boxing gamers and new buyers a real chance at the sweet science. Even though some gamers won't necessarily like the speed and movement differences from Round 3 to Round 4, the fact remains that the developers have taken a step in the right direction of bringing more realistic boxing gameplay to the consoles. A number of people will bitch and whine about the current (possible to change) lack of a button configuration, but I feel as if that should not be a deciding factor. You can still play just as effectively with the newer control system for the analog stick; it's just being damn close minded to be unwilling to learn a style of playing that I feel shows more skill than just button mashing.

Admittedly, there are a few smaller factors that may affect your gameplay, but not in enough of a way to make it less enjoyable to play (cept maybe the game face cause I like smashing faces that I recognize more). It's not hard for new gamers to pick up and older gamers can take pleasure in playing it; though it may not be for you."

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