The Racing Genre: Ultimate Racer

Koku Gamer writes: "Evolution, change and improvement. Now, while that sounds like the beginning of a Pokémon instruction manual I'm speaking about something a little closer to home. The thing is, those three words apply quite heavily to the gaming industry. Over the years, gaming as we know it has changed as dramatically as the construction and appearance of Joan River' face. If we were to show a gamer of the original pinball machines what gaming has become today, the difference would be stellar. However, unlike the numerous plastic surgery operations, the changes which have taken place throughout the gaming industry are not for the worse – if anything, they are for the better."

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mau643296d ago

Not my favorite genre to play but I do love the Burnout series

Ziriux3296d ago

Ahh you suck. Racing games are just too underrated.

Xeall3296d ago

im with mau64, only because I suck at racing games. The are my weakness in gaming. However Burnout has always been a game I can get to grips with and for me have had great soundtracks, Burnout 3 easily takes the crown of best soundtrack in a racing game. Possibly the only game I have ever awarded 10/10 to, which considering my first sentance is confusing.

Ziriux3296d ago

It's easy Yousif, probably easiest genre of all, and always fun online or offline.

aaron58293296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

is Dynasty warriors genre...

Mind you, to me, dynasty warrior games is an entirely seperate genre.

You just beat the sh1t out of everybody while they are standing still.


bmb51503296d ago

It's very easy to play a racing game, but it's hard to master racing games. Luckily for me racing games has been my forte.

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lilbudman3296d ago

i played many racing games and they have evolved, but not always for the better.

Jorrel563296d ago

Very well thought out and thorough article. Makes me even more impatient for GT5.

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