Dante's Inferno Challenges The God of War

It appears there is a new character and series in the making that looks to relieve the mighty Kratos of his duties.

Imagery and atmosphere is at the top of the list for Dante's Inferno. Again Dante's Inferno's visual style echoes those of the adventures of God of War while having it's own identity. Dante's Inferno oozes with style and the gameplay looks to offer an over the top experience as well

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4pocalyps33212d ago

nothing can come close to god of war and kratos....

DasBunker3212d ago

inb4 flame war.. here comes another infamous vs prototype debate.. and we know who got the upper hand..

its a win-win situation for PS3 owners tough..

ipwnall3212d ago

Kratos is a beast, no body can touch him without getting their faces pounded. Dante may sell more (REALLY HIGHLY UNLIKELY) but we all know which game will take home the crown.

RememberThe3573212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

is genre defining. I can't knock Dante's Inferno because frankly I think it's going to be awesome. But I just think God of War is on an entirely different level.

randomwiz3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

This game looks exactly like a God of War spin off. Looks cool though.

Agree with 1.1
This might turn into a prototype vs infamous "debate".

I know this is going to happen, so if you think God of War 3 is going to be hack and slash, well... it's a shame you don't own a ps3 and maybe you're a die hard fanboy.

rucky3212d ago

Expect Gamesradar to rate this game higher than GOW3 again like they did Prototype to inFamous.

nbsmatambo3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

i loled when i saw the tittle, nd was surprised not to see HipHopGamer attached to this

LastDance3212d ago

By challenge do they mean rip-off.

UnwanteDreamz3212d ago

Lets try and remember the people who made this game aren't saying this. I am excited to play DI because I am interested to see how it translates.

GOW is in a league of its own.

jwatt3212d ago

This really should be compared to Devil may cry in my opinion.

Immortal Kaim3212d ago

I have a crazy idea, it's soooo out there...How about realising we can't actually comment on the validity of the claims until we actually get to play both games...

FamilyGuy3212d ago

No really, what?

Game looks decent but the fact that there's a psp port says something.
How can this game be as epic as GOW when it can also fit on the psp?

It should be good, though i don't see room for a sequel (They're gonna explore all the levels of hell in the first go).

GOW challengers i think will be better than this:
Castlevania Lord of Shadows- looks like a true rip of GOW but that now a bad thing since GOW=Greek Mythology theme and this one is Vampire/werewolf/magical beast themed
Bayonetta- genre challenger, it looks like a great action advendture title. Since first seeing it my interest in the title has gone up with every new video/preview released. It's not bloody like GOW or Dante's Inferno but it's beyond action packed fighting with huge boss battles and a great visual direction, (in game) it's very stylish.

cherrypie3212d ago

Clearly everyone saying that Dante's Inferno is a God of W rip-off didnt play Ninja Gaiden nor Devil May Cry?

You guys are funny.

Frankly, I'll be skipping GodofW 3 this time. Looks like their playing it too conservative.

Lets wait and see what Dante's Inferno delivers before you dismiss it.

pain777pas3212d ago

The combat will make or break DI. I already know that GOW3 will be amazing its no brainer guarantee. I have to play DI first but it does look promising.

Jaces3212d ago

If this game turns out to be awesome then this'll be a win/win for me.

Kratos it's been an incredible adventure and I thank you, now it's on to see what Dante has in store for me! :D

sunil3212d ago

you guys sure this game cant have more appeal than god of war?
there is an entire level "circle of hell" where nudity plays a major role !

cmrbe3212d ago

I always trust Hedeki. Of all games i think only Byonetta can challenge GOW3. It would be great if DI could be as good as GOW3. More quality multi-plats which means more quality games for gamers or PS3 fans in particular.

Natsu X FairyTail3212d ago

hey guys theres a Dante Inferno anime coming out theres the news in the pending section!

II Necroplasm II3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I don't see this game being much related to God of War. The story is not greek myth and the gameplay is more closer to Ninja Gaiden style.

Myst3212d ago

I agree with 4pocalyps3

For the record Dante's is nothing more than a mere mortal who does nothing in the Divine Comedy anyway, Second in his game I don't know yet, but if a 7 (or was it 8?) day fall from Heaven into a pit can't kill Lucifer I'm sure Dante can't either. Though to be fair I don't know how the game will pan out either...

Blaze9293212d ago

this isnt a hiphopgamer article?

N4Flamers3212d ago

I mean make a game about dantes inferno fine, but dont insult my intelligence by telling me its close to the book then have dante be a psychopath wielding deaths scythe (whom he killed himself).

This game is not going to be anything like the book, but it could have good gameplay, and thats the main reason I play games.

This is not going to be another infamous vs prototype thing, those two franchises were new to the gaming public and released at roughly the same time. Im sure kratos has his fanbase established and you would have to be retarded to release a game at the same time.

SevWolf3212d ago

@ N4flames: GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! lol, you said exactly what I was about to say, I heard the game was based on the poem, but only for scenery and back story, I was a bit impressed by the gameplay trailer and I'm sure it will be a great game, but GOW, the GOW cabbot have a competitor, cause that competitor will get SMITE to the ground :)

YogiBear3211d ago

I think people are underestimating Kratos.

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Ubuntula3212d ago

just another flamebait-ready article for traffic.

I checked the sites Alexa rank(gives a general idea of how much traffic a site receives) and guess what this site is ranked at 561,825

and it's 7 day average rank is 927,203, almost a million...lmao, in other words this site gets no traffic, and is looking for hits.

Dante's Inferno does NOT challenge God of War.

nuff said.

RememberThe3573212d ago

That headline is a gut buster!

3212d ago