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Submitted by crocs 2409d ago | news

Amazon Offers Xbox LIVE Gold Pack Promotion writes:

"Online retailer Amazon, just kicked off a post 4th of July deal on the Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Pack.

Grab the Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Pack for a low $55.96 (20% off), plus get a free $10 credit towards an Xbox LIVE purchase at Amazon.

The Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Pack includes:
- Project Gotham Racing 4 game
- 12 Month Gold Subscription Card
- Chat Pad
- Wired Headset

Deal ends July 11, 2009." (Project Gotham Racing 4, Xbox 360)

cherrypie  +   2409d ago
That's a damn sweet deal. I've got the chatpad, and like it, sending IM too-from LIVE Messenger is a real killer app.
Bnet343  +   2409d ago
This deal is old as hell. Just go to It's there for less money.
FamilyGuy  +   2409d ago
Separate cost?
What's the break down of the cost of each thing individually? This looks like an deal you couldn't pass up.

$10 towards xbl content alone is worth the $55.96
lloyd_wonder  +   2409d ago
Live is like cable. You pay for all these features and use two or three.

What a waste of money.
ZEEBO4LIFESTFU  +   2409d ago
were you born
with water on your brain? its liek 4 dollars a month... Id gladly pay the 4 bucks for the superior service, than the lack luster PSN. I play mlb 09 on the 360 more than 09 the show on PSN S O L E Y because of the connection errors of the psn.
lloyd_wonder  +   2409d ago
Connection errors have nothing to do with PSN. It's probably the game.

I can easily turn around and say Gears 2 was a broken piece of mess and blame it on Live. Lackluster? I don't pay for anything and play every single game on the PS3 with all the same basic online functions that Live has.

What do you pay for?
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Double Toasted  +   2409d ago
What does he pay for?
Probably all the updates that Sony fanboys wish Sony would do for them.
MriownBOTH  +   2408d ago
id gladly pay 4 dollars a month, loyd ill tell you why
Friend support on live is easily 100% better than psn (i figured psn would of caught on by now ,but no not really you have a internet browser and exciting)


-best friend support
-SOON on demand marketplace content....I can see sony crying now saying
"we will never catch up and our service is even FREE"
-1 vs 100....WIN MICROSOFT POINTS AND ITS tv pssh sony has nothing.
-most likely Hulu
-MOST DLC of any console
-Watch movies with friend over internet
-RROD(yes i have been though 2 console and still prefer my xbox..kinda sad i know)
-updates acctually do something

ps3 been out for 2 years.....friend support with games is utter crap...a crappy internet browser that chuggs along...HOME(really so exciting), a globe so you can see the temp in Africa(who cares), psn is late to the party....psn store took forever to get up...trophies late to the party...friend support still sucks....crappy ports on ps3....still expensive....long and frequent installs to make load times 0.60 faster....pointless>>... .they are considering some of the best games on the ps3 don't need installs..'
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lloyd_wonder  +   2408d ago
-best friend support- What the heck is that?

-SOON on demand marketplace content....I can see sony crying now saying "we will never catch up and our service is even FREE"

On Demand? lawl. Sony has had full retail games up on the PlayStation Store since 07.

-1 vs 100....WIN MICROSOFT POINTS AND ITS tv pssh sony has nothing.

Lol. I'm suppose to be jealous? What relevance is this to your gaming experience?


You have to pay for? Coming to the PS3 also.


I got Facebook bookmarked on my PS3 browser. Works great, just like Twitter and Youtube

-MOST DLC of any console

timed exclusive like all 360 games(Fallout 3)

-Watch movies with friend over internet

Lol. How cute.


And? No one respects professional gamers. lawl

-RROD(yes i have been though 2 console and still prefer my
xbox..kinda sad i know)

And M$ loves pimping you

-updates acctually do something

Yeah. Like cause errors and brick systems. lawl
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Saaking  +   2409d ago
I recently got an xbox 360 and bought a 3-month xbox live card and I can say that I'll definitely be renewing when my 3 months are over to a full 1 year membership. It is awesome.
mrblacknut  +   2409d ago
Perfect timing since it is time for me to renew and I get a extras for the same cost of 12 month subscription.
JustinSaneV2  +   2408d ago
Price Comparison (as per Amazon)
12 Month Live Card = 44.96
Wired Head Set = 19.99
PGR4 = 19.99
Messenger Kit= 24.99
800 Points (if a card existed) = $10

Total individually = 119.93
Total bundled = $55.96
That's $63.97 saved.

Definitely a nice deal if you're looking into the aforementioned products.
killnotic  +   2408d ago
Damn It!
And of course I just renewed my Live sub. Uhg. Been nice to get this deal a week ago.
Troll-Killer  +   2408d ago
I just renewed mine in May (same as the last 6 yrs. acually), but I still jumped all over this. I'm trading PGR4 at GameStop, and using the $10.00 on Amazon Live Marketplace...and I'll sell the chatpad and headset for cheap. I'll still come out cheaper than the $39.00 I just paid Amazon for the 12+1 Live card, and I'll have the upcoming year of Live taken care of in advance.
Jockamo  +   2408d ago
I recently got live with that last 1 month for 1 dollar deal...
...this sounds like the perfect follow-up to a year long subscription.

I did play 1 vs 100...haha, i suck, but it was fun.

Someone needs to tear me away from netflix streaming, though...good lord it's addicting.
MriownBOTH  +   2408d ago
it is isnt it lol. freaking csi south park excellent movies hero's etc...addicting soon we will see more power unleashed by LIVE

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