Nintendo, Sony, Apple Targeted in Lawsuit over DS, PSP, PS2, iPhone

According to a new report, Nintendo, Sony, and Apple are being targeted in a new patent infringement lawsuit, claiming that the three company's used two patented graphic accelerator systems for the DS, PSP, PS2, and iPhone/iPod Touch.

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-x.Red.x-3242d ago

So let me get this straight...

They suing Apple,Sony AND NINTENDO!?


poindat3242d ago

I hate these patent sharks. Soon I'm going to get sued for carrying out natural bodily functions.

PotNoodle3242d ago

Well Immersion won against Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo and Microsoft payed the fee off, sony decided to fight it, hence the reason rumble was late in the PS3.

Sitdown3242d ago

It depends on what natural body functions you are talking about. The releasing of gas is patent pending by Microsoft....something to do with project natal and interacting in a 3-dimensional environment. Holding yourself to firmly while urinating will get you in trouble with Nintendo....Wii controls belong to them. And of course Sony owns all living in the 4 dimensional environment.

Hutch23553242d ago

People would be freaking out, saying see, thats why I hate them, but when it is the other guys, oh I hate these patent sharks, blah blah blah.

Theonik3242d ago

ROFL, bubbles to you man.

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DlocDaBudSmoka3242d ago

just be sure this is what u want. lol

likedamaster3242d ago

ok im on it
just be sure this is what u want. lol

Epic reply. Bubbles.

TheTruth893242d ago

And why they noticed this NOW??? 8 YEARS LATER?? LOL

PotNoodle3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Because the more money they have made off the offending product then the more money in damages they can ask for.

So if they went after them a year after the PS2 launch they wouldn't of got anything in comparison to what they could get now.

DrWan3242d ago

. unless the original design is updated.

Guitardr853242d ago

"Shared Memory Graphics LLC is the company behind the lawsuit, saying that the three tech giants infringed on “two patents [that] describe ways in which microprocessors fine-tune graphics by balancing the flow of data from various sources"

So...they are suing over electron flow? HA! This will be settled out of court within the week!

Ju3242d ago

UMA (or unified memory architecture) and what they call "shared memory" just describes how one memory bank can be used by the CPU and the GPU. This exists since forever. UMA was basically invented when Silicon Graphics started their graphics workstation business. The PC uses this kind of thing to "grab" system memory for its integrated graphics chip sets, but way back in 1984 the Amiga used this in its "Chip" memory implementation, where gpu (well, the blitter) shared system mem with the CPU.

The trick is, that the GPU uses "hard cycles" to access the mem, because pixels must be read with a very critical frequency to generate a stable video signal. The trick is, the mem must be shared, the way how GPU and CPU access this memory is defined (e.g. some use buffers on the CPU side, some simply use synchronous signal interleaving, etc - but the GPU always has priority). So, I assume, these guys claim the method these devices implement the bus sharing between CPU and GPU violates their patent.

Its ridiculous. This is in every 360 (UMA design) and in every shared memory using GPU in the PC world - maybe no exactly the way they describe their patent, but still.

Guitardr853241d ago

haha, like I said...the flow of electrons, loL!!!

beavis4play3242d ago

why is it that the companies who are the plaintiffs in these types of legal actions are businesses nobody has ever heard of? and why do they wait so long?

i'm with the guy writing the article.......sounds like a "moneygrab" attempt.

Ju3242d ago

I place a bet, this company is a POB company started solely for the purpose of the lawsuit (which we will never be able to prove).

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