IGN: Nintendo Wii Hardware Secrets

You've got your Wii system all set up. The sensor bar's been adjusted in the proper place, you've got your video cables hooked up, and you've told your system that you're either running a normal or widescreen television. You've created a Mii character for every person in your family, and you've even won a few rounds of Wii Sports bowling against your closest friends. But there's more to the Wii than what's on the surface, and not every feature of the Nintendo system is completely obvious if you're new to the console.

There are a few great tricks to the Wii hardware that you might not be aware of. Learn these tips and you'll show everyone you're not as much of a technophobe as people might think you are.

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what is this, crap week? first how to call the rrod, now old wii news whats next ps3 is doom in 2010!?! and after is gonna be what : fanboy were right all along