Game Informer: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review

Game Informer writes: "A young vigilante boy who carries around a life-sized marionette he refers to as his sister. A vampire whose talking pet cat morphs into an umbrella during combat. A tips mode entitled, "Teach me, Boobie Lady." If you were looking for proof that Japanese developer Arc System Works is insane, here it is. Fortunately for the rest of us, BlazBlue also doubles as an enjoyable fighting game."

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butterfinger3213d ago

getting a lower score than Guitar Hero Smash Hits, really makes me question Game Informer's review system. No offense to GH fans, but Smash Hits just didn't do it for me.

Chris3993213d ago

It rocks. No buyers remorse (which has happened enough times to be annoying this gen) whatsoever. I can see myself clocking well over 100 hours into this title. Oh, and they have DLC released already, which is quite refreshing (and none of it is that "unlockable on the disc" b.s. either.)

Would love to stay and chat, but I'm off to play some more BlazBlue!


P.S. Reviewers are like as$holes. They all blow wind and tend to stink.