Game Informer: The Conduit Review

Game Informer: "There's nothing terribly wrong with The Conduit. You can move around, shoot things, and collect stuff. If the Wii is the only platform available to you, The Conduit is an acceptable FPS. Those of us who have spent any time with the genre since the turn of the millennium have no reason to pick this up."

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EvilTwin3298d ago

"The control is less horrible than you might fear. However, it falls well short of a vanilla dual analog scheme – not to mention mouse and keyboard."

I actually laughed when I read that.

If you'd take a dual analog controller over quicker, more precise IR controls, you have no right putting the word "horrible" (as a warning) into a comment on playability. The scheme is fully customizable. If you can't make Conduit control better than a dual analog setup, you're doing it wrong.