OXM: After Effect - Mass Effect 2

OXM writes:

"Commander Shepard isn't dead; we can tell you that much. At least, he doesn't die -if in fact he croaks at all - until later on in Mass Effect 2. But first, let's start at the beginning. It's late April, still a chilly time of year at BioWare's Edmonton HQ, and the Mass Effect team is deep in cloakand- dagger mode. As they hustled to prepare an E3 unveiling that'd launch Mass Effect 2 like a rocket, we spent a day with the team to bring you the world's first look at this massive sequel, its improvements, and, yes, its secrets.

While our day up north raised plenty of questions that won't be answered until E3, it also answered just as many of them. Frankly, even an elcor (the game's adorably monotone elephant-like species) wouldn't be able to contain its enthusiasm for all the details we uncovered - including the first news on Mass Effect 2's endings."

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