Demon's Souls Now Broadcasting

PS3Vault: 'Demon's Souls is now broadcasting live on We'll answer your questions, let you watch as we play, all the usual kind of stuff. It's a brand new game, only available for preorder in America at the moment, so what are you waiting for?'

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interrergator3301d ago

i recommended this to anyone who has a ps3 its hard but ull get used to it

iHEARTboobs3301d ago

I'm getting it. I'll get owned like a noob i'm sure but I'm getting it. Sounds kickass.

ChozenWoan3301d ago

Watched for about 1.5 hours and can't wait for the second half of the show.

Seen em get all the way to the Tower Knight, pull out a new flame sword, then get killed. After that, death came quickly and often for him. Wish em luck on getting his body back. ;P

dragonyght3301d ago

im all for any game that have character customization