Sexy Time: God of War II

Destructoid writes:

"Sex has been a part of legend, lore and religion as far back as... well, as far back as there have even been such things. Few cultures in history have gained more note for mythical shagging than the ancient Greeks. Their pantheon of Gods is positively full of lascivious relationships and you can barely read one of their myths without somebody getting down.

Why should videogames rooted in Greek mythology be any different? If we're talking about God of War, they aren't. Kratos' loins have seen action in every major installment of the series to date. His escapades and the style in which they are presented to the player verge on being a trademark. None has been more over-the-top naughty than his threesome with a pair of bathing beauties in Rhodes in the opening level of God of War II."

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SnuggleBandit3301d ago

man i totally missed i know what people were always referring to lol wow i'm dumb

villevalorox3301d ago

HAHAHAH :D epic :P . god im bout to ply this game the now ;P

Carl14123301d ago

I love God of War :) The sex games make me laugh.

I prefer the one in CoO where the candle spills everywhere, very much mimicking what is going on off screen ;)

Final_Rpg3301d ago

A p3nis spraying liquid out of it is a less accurate picture of sex than a spilling candle?!! Are you out of your mind!

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FamilyGuy3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I can't wait to see what GOW 3 brings to the (full HD) table.

bjornbear3301d ago

some titan action would be possible =P yet absolutely bizarre.....

xxBATTLECATxx3300d ago

hmmmm i hope GoW3 pushes the boobage in video games to a new standard. and in HD ftw.