New Ps3 title "My Summer Holiday 3"

It plays like a simulation game and just like the title suggests, it involves activities done in the summer such as swiming, fishing, camping and others.

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nice_cuppa4135d ago

reminds me of a recent wii game announced....
cant remember what it was called though !

specialguest4135d ago

I was going to make the same statment. Yeah, this game might be too "Japanese" for western gamers. Kinda sucks knowing that I'll never get to play some of these "only for Japan" games.

sak5004135d ago

Nice something we normally go outside in during summers to do it, now can be done sitting on the sofas on our ps3. Swimming can be so much fun by shaking your controller.

Bhai4135d ago

I remember a few screenshots I got once from but here's the first true look into the things. Being without regional coding, anyone can get a PS3 game anywhere in the world. This is a great fun title, a major focus is on collection of diverse insects whose beautiful 3D models are really astonishing and the approach is totally fun and informative.

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Sevir044135d ago

the wii has been a runaway hit with those "weird Japanese Titles" and Now sony's doing it with better graphics... to say the least looks like an Animal Crossing killer especially if it's coupled with "PS HOME" a true testiment to Sony Constantly moving forward i hope this isn't japanese only, because i'd really have fun playing a game like this... the graphics make it look so amazing too.

BlackIceJoe4134d ago

I am with you I like the games like Animal Crossing and Viva Pinata. So if Sony was to have a fun game where you do not need to do much stuff other then have fun. I hope this comes out North America or even Europe I could see this selling really well. Plus Sony needs games like these to bring in more people to want to buy a PS3.

Halonator4134d ago

Since i have been on gaming sites , i have seen many odd games. some of which i cound not imagin selling more then a few hundred copies. but there are other that look more promising, and i thn they can be done better on the 360 and ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.