PSBlog: PlayStation Eye Chat: Demon's Souls

PlayStation.Blog writes: "Over the last few months, Demon's Soul's has consistently asked-about games here on the PlayStation.Blog. That hasn't been lost on North American publisher Atlus, who, late last week took some time to chat via the PlayStation Eye. Atlus PR Dude-and-Sometimes-Blog-Poster Aram Jabbari and Localization Guru Sammy Matsushima take on all of your Demon's Souls questions here".

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Christopher3446d ago

Can't wait to see this game come to NA!

Also, love that Sony is actually using their PS3 technology more for these interviews. Sony really needs to utilize the technology they have rather than letting other companies outshine them so often. It's good to see the people in the interview rather than a LiveBlog interview.

Slient Knight 93446d ago

I argee with you cgoodno that it makes sense for Sony to use every bit of ps3 technology to it's fullest, i been following Demon Soul's since it came out in JP hopefully does well in NA and comes to UK been putting off importing it even though such a good game.

ChozenWoan3446d ago

I just wish it was coming out this month, in the last four months of the year there are so many games coming out it's crazy. If it came out this month, a lot more people would be able to give this game the attention that it needs to be fully enjoyed, especially since there is nothing good coming out til the end of August at the earliest.