Handhelds Are The Cause Of This 24% Japanese Game Sales Drop

After seeing what's been done so far this generation something very troubling is going on currently and that's the turn around of the console market in Japan. Japan once was a major factor in a console generation since forever but now it's at a all time low for hardware and software sales. Ironically the handheld market is healthier than ever and that actually explains the lack of growth in the Playstation , Nintendo Wii, and Microsoft.

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Shnazzyone3242d ago

Are you sure that this article isn't just making excuses for your system of choice's poor performance? Because that's what it sounds like to me. Shouldn't matter anyhow. Since Japan sales numbers are completely irrelevant to the rest of the world. Though I suppose Portable gaming is going to increase throughout the world. It will never eclipse consoles entirely. Japanese are more on the move then the rest of the world. Maybe in 5-10 years these trends will effect the rest of the world. In the meantime These only prove the world is still under the grips of the recession. Japans trends alone certainly don't dictate world trends. So who cares is the motto here I think.

Myst3242d ago

Why does Hiphopgamer give me a Unsatisfactory warning through Firefox's WOT?

Anyway, the quick solution to this problem? Bring out a Monster Hunter on the big three and sales will rise, not to mention units will be moved as well as production becoming that of a trickle on the date of release. :)

Anyway I don't see how Handhelds are the cause of game sales dropping per say. I mean technically they all have games and therefore can still be sold. If and win there is a Monster Hunter Tri~ Portable I can beat it will slow production in Japan again like 2G did and I also think it will do the same when Tri~ hits the Wii next month for them. Would not be surprised. Maybe it's because of various factors contributing as to why the PSP and DS are on the rise.

More people are getting/moving around more, Such as myself for example where I had to buy a Case for my PSP and take it with me everywhere vs. staying at home to game on my PS3 and PS2 with slight chance for Wii. Just that I'm having more fun with my PSP than I am with my PS3+PS2+Wii. I'll probably get a 360 for Christmas and it will probably go the same fate of my PS3, Get one game and play the heck out of it and start getting more games only to not play them as much, but rather turn to my handheld again. I just find more enjoyment in my PSP.