'Shadow Complex' Beatable In Under 2 Hours

Chair Entertainment was in town today to show off "Shadow Complex," the non-linear, "Metroid"-styled action adventure game based on the "Empire" series of books by Orson Scott Card. Phew, that's a lot to pack into one sentence!

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All Time Greatness3268d ago

I was like wtf. Its a 10-12 hour game, but can be beaten in 2 hours if you know all the tricks and secrets.

gaffyh3268d ago

I was also like wtf, but I remember back in the day I beat MGS1 in 3 hours 15 mins, which was my best time. Must have played it over 20 times through though.

But still I don't expect Shadow Complex to be a must have game, it'll probably be good, but I would have preferred a bigger game from Epic.

Marcelles253268d ago

i was thinking the same thing MGS4 had a challenge to beat it under 5 hours

ShabzS3268d ago

you beat mgs 1 in 3hrs ... ?!!? wow man how is that even possible...

Fishy Fingers3268d ago

Big Boss... Complete on Extreme, no kills, no deaths, no alerts, no health packs. In under 5 hours.

Thats a challenge, one I personally gave up on.

Bnet3433268d ago

Before anyone gets their panties up in a bunch, this is an arcade game, not retail.

Greywulf3268d ago

I doubt most gamers spend money to see how fast they can burn through a game, skipping everything...

gaffyh3268d ago

@1.3- yeah seems impossible but i knew exactly what to do after playing the game so many times. The bit that was the most tedious was the key cards bit towards the end. Easily my favourite PS1 game

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FamilyGuy3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

It was on topic and completely inflammatory, are the mods just targeting user names now?

Why is it that
That this game is more constantly compared to the snes metroid? It has similarities but has even more similarities to Castlevania: SOTN. Maybe cause you shoot?

It supposedly has the hidden treasure rooms, the map display of where you've been, the 2D platformish nature (though this has 3D aspects, i don't know about the music as it's isn't mentioned or used as a selling point.

It was a really clever idea to make it similar to two legendary games, you know it'll be good.

On topic:
"sequence-breaks" were completely prevented in C:SotN unless you had beaten the game already or put in a cheat code. The one that let you play as Ricter belmont, for example, gave you his ability to kick straight up several feet, basically you could fly, so you could go straight to the boss skipping EVERYTHING and beat the game in minutes, not sure about the reverse castle though.

Troll-Killer3268d ago

This isn't being made by EPIC. They bought the dev, Chair Entertainment, who had already made 'Undertow', using UE3. EPIC is just funding and, of course backing with extra staff to help them further exploit UE3....but EPIC is NOT the dev. MS is publishing.

gaffyh3268d ago

@1.10 - Oh OK alright. I just expected something more when Cliff Blezinski came out at E3. Still hopefully this is good.

callahan093268d ago

Yeah, it'll be like Super Metroid in that if you know the ins and outs and every thing exactly as it needs to be, you can beat it in a couple of hours, but certainly not on your first play through, only after total memorization of the game and with a lot of skill.

I have high hopes for this game. I really dislike the art style, but I think the gameplay looks fun and the concept is top notch, grade A awesome. I like Card's writing as well.

The last teaming up of Chair with Card was Advent Rising, which was pretty good, if a bit less impress than it was hyped up to be. I couldn't get into Undertow, though. Didn't like anything about it. But I think they can get back to glory with this new game.

likedamaster3268d ago

...looks absolutely phenomenal. An arcade game looking that good and playing that long? Day 1.

cherrypie3268d ago

"only after total memorization of the game and with a lot of skill"


The world record for Super Mario Bros. is 05:08.

Does anyone say "SMB is beatable in under 6 mintues"?

No. The game is being designed to be *explored* and *discovered*, something lacking in modern adventure/platform games. I think this is a terrific idea; it adds re-playability -- if you get good, and want to "show" or "play more" at a certain point, you can "speed run" to that point... Serves the same purpose as SMB warp-zones... sort of "skip ahead".

Downtown boogey3268d ago

I finished MGS4 in 2:34:02 along with the BIG BOSS EMBLEM

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iHEARTboobs3268d ago

It's cuz they're working on GEARS 3.

iHEARTboobs3268d ago

Not really, but they are. I'm sure it'll be out next year. Should be good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33268d ago

Epic could put their name on any game and people would shower it w/ praise.

GiantEnemyCrab3268d ago

Are you not a fan of the Metroid series? This is a sort of homage to the game and it looks to be fun for an Xbox Live ARCADE title.

likedamaster3268d ago

On the other hand, you'll have to be a real fanboy not to see this game's appeal. And just like you said, it's from Epic.

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