BioWare Calls Project Natal a "Really Powerful Idea"

It could be several years before we see developers like BioWare incorporating Project Natal into their flagship projects -- development kits only landed in their laps a few weeks ago -- but one arm of the influential Canadian RPG studio has gone on record with about their interest.

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Natsu X FairyTail3026d ago

this means BioWare project X natal = 2010-2011

dericb113026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Why are you commenting on every article on the site? I mean you seem to have something to say about everything. I find it weird to say this but please "Go outside and play". There is no reason to be on the site all day long. Its great site yes but they want us to get some sun. Please don't use Wi-fi or Iphone and call it go out there still.

Btw Natsu X FairyTail I was not the one to disagree with you. Weird I know but not me.

Vortigaunt3026d ago

Mass Effect 3 using Natal for dialogue? That would be badass.

JsonHenry3026d ago

Notice the quote did not say "great idea"..

Captain Tuttle3026d ago

Wow. You're right. I guess they could have meant "Really Powerful" like a supervillian that wants to take over the world or something. Maybe they think Natal is Megatron.

Bnet3433026d ago

Mass Effect 3 will use the facial recognition in Natal so you can have your face on your character. Similar to what they did in Rainbow Six Vegas. A bit surprised by this though. I wouldn't expect BioWare to credit Natal.

leila013026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I enjoy Natsu's comments, he/she always has something worth reading.

On topic; that's good news. All the biggest games developers seem to love Natal.

green3026d ago

That would be great for Mass Effect 3.I am currently playing ME again as a Vanguard and it is quite frustrating to always press RB,pausing the game if i want to use PUSH, BARRIER or LIFT capabilities.

It would be so cool if you could just lift your hands to use LIFT,trust your hands forward to signify PUSH,circle my hand round my head to signify BARRIER and so on and so forth.That would keep the momentum of the game going at all times.IMO the possibilities are endless.

da720izcumin3026d ago

just because they like the idea of NATAL, does not mean, they'll make ME run on it.
bioware is full of intelligent, imaginative, and highly skillful people. I am sure, they'll come with crazy things.

DG3025d ago

Natal has the potential to be a great extension to the amount of immersion you will have in video games if implemented right by incorporating voice, face recognition and body movement. Im hoping the devs will just use it as an accent to the controller as opposed to replacing the controller. Im more in to sports games so I honestly hope they use natal as a better version of six axis and facial recognition. Werent they talking about how after the live cam would come out every game would have your face in it. So far I know of only two off the top of my head why is that.

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N4PS3G3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Bungie, Suda 51, Epic , Bioware all onboard with Natal...but i thought Natal was just for casual games ;)


That dosent mean anything...plenty were on with the wii also abd we see how much third parties make from the wii/natal

ArmrdChaos3026d ago

Wii forces you to use their motion controls. Natal can be used in parallel with existing controls if the developer so chooses. Most of these companies may be looking primarily at the recognition abilities with maybe some movement. I would expect them to still primarily use the gamepad at this point in time and use Natal mostly to do minor things to augment/immerse the player within the game.

Omega43026d ago

So much love for Natal, its seems as though no one can say anything bad about it

mrv3213026d ago

It's glitchy :P

There's one thing and it's a fact.

It's in it's early stages but people are having a go at Sony's controllers look.

I've seen it fail 3 times in like 10 minutes of video.

bjornbear3026d ago

Most has been just filmed / behind closed doors...etc

It's so far a GOOD IDEA, but thats all it is for now, I'm sure they'll bring out more and more of it over time but right now this "love" is coming towards the idea, not anything concrete IMO =)

However, i say the same for all the hate. No one's really used Natal other than reviewer "x" or celebrity "y", so i'd say hold judgement until ti comes out....

Me personally? I hate all motion controls xD

mrv3213026d ago

I got 16 disagrees because if you don't point out a problem it doesn't reall exsist?

Becuase last I checked I can't see my avatars shoe

Look no offence, it's in the Beta, but to say there's no problems with it. Because I can name 3

It's not analogue, on burnout paradise that brilliant demo they showed the gas was either on or off not half on

Milo is not all that it seems, most people who've seen it has been saying that

It's glitchy, when the action get's fast it can often muddle up..

cherrypie3026d ago

"Most has been just filmed / behind closed doors"

Nonsense. Some of the industry's most respected press -- BBC, Time, Joystiq, Eurogamer, MTV, IGN and more -- have given first hand accounts that Natal works as advertised, and is outright impressive if not suprisingly so.

Nothing has been hidden. Nothign has been "secret". You're talking about the entire press pretty much saying a collective "Wow".

The only thing wrong with Natal is that we dont have them yet!

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ape0073026d ago

natal looks to have big potential,they could use voice recogniton in some segments

imagine u playing gts and you are the gang leader,you just give orders to your homies,KILL HIM

you could change the story with your voice,sounds great

also use your hands in some parts,imagine defusing a bomb in mw2,time is ticking,your freinds scream and fight while u do,great

Xi3026d ago

Bioware, you know what to do with natal, have it read people's inflection, and expression and allow them to make decisions by actually talking, and saying what they want.

Kushan3026d ago

That's how the Milo demo worked. That's what the big fuss was about when people called it "smoke and mirrors". Milo didn't understand a word that girl said, but he could get a rough idea from her facial expression and tone. It's not too dissimilar to talking with someone who speaks a foreign language. You have no idea what they're actually saying, but in context, you could probably get a good idea.

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