Netflix streaming on PS3 teased by survey ... again

Destructoid writes: Another Netflix survey teasing the possibility of PlayStation 3 streaming is making the rounds. This latest questionnaire indicates that a PS3 version of Netflix Instant Streaming would require the almighty "Netflix Instant Streaming Disc" in order to work. You may remember the name of the disk; it's often used in Netflix surveys relating to the hard drive-less Wii.

Once again, there's no mention of disk price (it's "available free" now) or a possible arrival date. The survey is only gauging how likely a person is to get the service and use it with a disc.

It's hard to contain our excitement about this: we've wanted to stream a garbage documentary or a stinky drama on our PlayStation 3 since Netflix jumped into bed with Microsoft. Call it a jealousy, uh, thing. Let's make this happen, Netflix.

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Syronicus3243d ago

It's called PlayOn. Got it? Good.... Get it.

Sarick3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I'm thinking if this is true they'd make the disk have an install feature so no disk is needed.

Requiring a disk for a diskless feature isn't the best was to go especially since it's not needed.

PirateThom3243d ago

I'd say Netflix is coming, it's a matter of "when" rather than "if".