Fudzilla - Gainward GTX 295 single PCB tested

Today we'll show you Nvidia's GTX 295, the company's „new" single-PCB card which Gainward included in their offer. The card's full name is Gainward GTX 295 1792MB Dual DVI and its name makes it a bit hard to differentiate between this card and the dual-PCB GTX 295.

As you may already know, the original GTX 295 came out as a dual-PCB card, where each PCB housed one GT200b graphics core together with the accompanying components. Communicating via the internal SLI connection, the two GPUs render a picture as two standard Geforce cards would've done following predefined modes from within the driver. A good thing about internal SLI however, is that the end user sees the dual-PCB GTX 295 as one piece of hardware, rather than two chained in SLI.

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