PSi: Rock Band Unplugged Review

PSi writes: "You can't simply throw a skin over a spine and expect the masses to find your new brainchild as cute and lovable as you do. You have to add a bit of muscle mass, to help "fill-out" the form and give it more appealing curves. In the case of Rock Band: Unplugged, the meat of the game is high quality audio and, quite possibly most importantly, original masters of the songs. Gamers are tired of (often poor) covers of songs, and the gaming (and music) industries have heard our cries and made the necessary license agreements to give us what we want. Rock Band: Unplugged comes at a great time, when actually having the original tracks is new and exciting. Hopefully, this will eventually become commonplace. For now, however, it helps to round-out a likeable game, making Rock Band: Unplugged not just likeable, but loveable".

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Milky3154d ago

coool. Its very fun and addictive.