Gamervision: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Review

"The Indiana Jones franchise is one I hold very close to my heart. Even more so than Star Wars. Yeah, I said it. You see, there's just something about an adventuring archaeologist fighting Nazis and exploring our world that speaks to me. I ate up everything Indy-related when I was growing up. Of all the TV shows I watched as a child, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones was the only one I had to see every week as soon as it came on. I still think part of the reason I enjoy the "gets worse every time you watch it" Boondock Saints is because it stars Sean Patrick Flannery, who I so desperately wanted to be growing up. New Indiana Jones gaming experiences are few and far between, so when the chance to don a digital fedora came up with Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, I jumped at the opportunity. Disappointingly, like the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this Indiana Jones adventure was better in idea than it was in execution."

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