GCHD Review: Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is " Biggest Summer Surprise"

GCHD Writes: "By the end of the second chapter, however, something happened. For starters, I began to notice how gorgeous the epic landscapes were in this game, despite some of the character animation problems. And then, the beautiful fog of war effects, the peripherally blurred gun focus as I looked down the barrel of my revolvers and rifle – all of this coupled with an exciting scripted event where the game requires you to sink a Union steamer with cannon fire, started to turn the tide. Despite the game's issues, I was really enjoying myself. I found the tactical challenge of managing the antique weapons' modest ammo capacity while taking out the gangs of sharp-shooting (though dumb) enemies to be quite compelling. The new story, which features the aforementioned Ray McCall, the Reverend from the original title, and his younger brother Thomas, both as playable characters, kept me entertained throughout. It's nothing we haven't seen in western films before, but it's a nice change from alien invasions and superhero mush. That said, the game is a bit short – my play time clocked in at less than seven hours, though I felt that I played significantly longer, considering I died a great deal after I decided I could handle the hard difficulty. The differences in the play style and of the two lead characters may warrant an additional playthrough."

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