MAG BETA Invading North America & Europe

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "Shijima, the Franchise Producer for MAG, previously stated that MAG's beta would only be available to Europeans. But thanks to some clarification from an SCEA representative, non-European PS3 owners have reason to be relieved."

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Blasphemy3299d ago

Cool I hope I can get into a beta.

StanLee3299d ago

Me too. I really want to participate in the Beta. Just to get use to how the battles flow and the UI which looks like a cluster f*@$ but one you get used to it, it should be fine.

marinelife93299d ago

Pay your $19.99 Qore annual and you probably will get a beta key.

Marcelles253299d ago

they should let you keep experience from the beta so that when the game launches it will be able to truly pick a good oic

DoucheVader3299d ago

I absolutely can not WAIT until I can play MAG again! I got a chance with it at E3 for a bit and I was very impressed. I was actually not expecting the graphics to look good at all, and they were not bad for 256 players.

Looks like the fathers of SOCOM have another great hit on their hands.

ps3gamerkyle3299d ago

I'm soooooooooo jealous of you! MAG looks awesome!

clintos593298d ago

I mean anyone who says these shots look bad especially for the size & scale of the map & 256 players online are morons & a HUGE FANBOY in denial.

To me that is very impressive for such a large number of players online & for how huge the maps are.

Definately pumped for this game & cant wait to play it. Its gonna be pure awsomeness & full of win.

XxBarretxX3299d ago

im going to laugh at people who get MOD2. COD4 requires no skills and neither will MOD2. there such NooB friendly games and only people who suck at shooter play them honestly. Can't wait to get M.A.G.

Fishy Fingers3299d ago

LOL... sounds like someone might just be a noob.

TheBand1t3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

CoD was good for something if you don't like the competitive multi. Zombies on the PC CoD4 and Nazi Zombies in WaW. I'm still playing Shi No Numa after an all night zombie slaughter rampage.

Esena3299d ago

It seems like you are going to be laughing at a lot of people...

Hardcore S&D definitely requires skill and to think otherwise is just foolish.

AssassinHD3299d ago

I have always found it amusing that the majority of people who are screaming "N00b" are the people who are getting killed by a "N00b weapon". Just to clarify, the people who are dying are screaming "N00b".

kaveti66163298d ago

Wow, your need to justify a MAG purchase requires you to bash a highly successful franchise with millions of players around the world. I totally didn't expect anyone to say what you did. /sarcasm.

Stop being a fanboy. If MAG is great, it's not going to detract from the greatness of other games.

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butterfinger3299d ago

going to need a demo or this beta to really sell me on this game. Don't get me wrong, it sounds cool and all, but I just wonder how it's really going to play.

skip2mylou3299d ago

i hope they let like 2.5 million people in

poopsack3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

thatd be 9,766 full servers
or 41,667 Full Resistance 2 Servers

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