Ex-Capcom developer releases own 2D fighting game

Kotaku reports that an ex-Capcom employee Tomoaki Sugeno has released Vanguard Princess, a free shareware fighter for the PC platform. The game has not been translated, so all the text and voices will be in Japanese. There is no need to fret since Japanese fighting games have never required a person to understand Japanese.

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Natsu X FairyTail3245d ago

the game looks actually pretty good but I tend to hate games with an All girl cast even more when it's a Anime/manga.

Baka-akaB3244d ago

Yeah it's a pity the game features character that generic .
Not to mention it's probably not well balanced , judging by past games of that kind .

But it's indeed a beautiful game , and a perfect tech demo for his resume

50CALheadshot3244d ago

what ever happened to mvc2 w/online battles?

FamilyGuy3244d ago

Why didn't this guy sell the game for as a psn or xbl?
It looks decent enough, some money is better than nothing, even if it IS simply to show something on a resume (as if his las job wasn't good enough).

killyourfm3245d ago

You think this could come to the PS3/PSP or XBLA?

dagamdagee3245d ago

I certainly would like to think so. This is probably one of the best looking indie games I've seen in a long time. Although, I think the market for 2D fighting games is a bit of a niche itself, so who knows how well it would do. Plus this game is beyond an Otaku's wet dream. Don't know how well that could catch on.

Gue13244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I tried to run the game but nothing happens... Is this compatible with Vista? Anybody?

It seems to work when combined with this:

Now the problem is the sound.... =(

squallsoft3244d ago

I downloaded it and gave it go. Its very smooth on my machine and controls great with a Dual Shock. I have a Red Octane adapter to use the PS controller on a PC. And its free so I suggest anyone who is interested enough to read these comments download it NOW! It rocks!


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The story is too old to be commented.