Xbox 360 Natal & the Next Xbox: Are recent advancements making next generation, old generation?

Examiner: It's bound to happen. Gamers everywhere know its coming. Countless engineers, endless legions of toiling programmers, an economic powerhouse of industry money, and an insatiable consumer base, make it all but inevitable. Every gamer worth his salt knows without question that a new "Next Gen" console is coming. The question has never been "if" it's going to happen, but rather "when" will it arrive. But since its original announcement at E3 2009, Microsoft's Project Natal may be presenting gamers with a different question this time around, "how"?

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Stryfeno23240d ago

MS did it with XBL on the original Xbox and 360...Why not with NATAL? From what I see if they support NATAL right, the competition will wont be a factor.